Indian Parents Explain How Babies Are Born

– [Voiceover] Say hi – Hello

– Hello – Hello – Hello Wait Lilly, it's recording? – [Voiceover] Yes – You put a cassette in? – [Voiceover] Yes, it's on

– Hello (clapping) – Hello – [Voiceover] It's on! – Okay, okay – Sup? – [Voiceover] I have a question for you – Okay

– [Voiceover] Where do babies come from? (record scratching) (giggling) – Huh? – Okay, yeah, okay, huh? Okay, okay yeah baby, okay baby yeah, babies okay Babies happen when You know one day you want to go walk, you say, dododo, I'm going to go walk

You see one small, cute, little animal You say, I want to touch this animal You touch and then raccoon bite you Ah, ah Babies

– [Voiceover] No Dad, that's rabies I said babies, where do babies come from? – Babies, rabies, they're the same! – Eh heh, yeah Okay – Oh, okay babies, oh, babies okay, ooooh, babies – Okay babies, okay

– Okay well you know, girl and boy have very different body, okay (blowing) – Boy have adam apple – Throw me apple, every apple – We have apple – Women have bigger brain

– See daddy have bigga beard, that's right Mommy only have a small beard But same heart – You see, when a girl reach certain age, okay, she get married – [Voiceover] What age is that? – Whatever age her parents say, okay! When they decide to get married, they exchange ring

– Without ring you cannot have baby, no – This ring mean, I'm ready to have babies with you – Before ring, everything inside woman body locked Okay, everything locked, and if the boy try to open lock, like, "Oh, I'm going to open your lock What is code? Tell me code, I want to find code

" – Oh seven five two three five dodododo – Two two three? No One one two? No – But no, no, no – Let me try to put my key into lock, but no, no, no

– Impossible without ring – When a boy put a ring on girl finger, okay, everything open, body change I said you put a ring, dodododo, everything unlock – You put a ring everything open, lock open, body change like a transformer, dodododo No change

– This is science – After girl boy get married, they go to same house Okay, they're living in same house They want to save money, so house have one bedroom So okay, they sleep together

– Man lie down – Woman lie down – They both, they both lying Close their eyes like this, okay – Holding hands like this

Holding hands That's only because marriage No holding hand before marriage – Okay and they feel very nice, tingling sensation, like oooooh, okay Why? – Oooooh, – Because they calling God

– Ring ring – Hello God, yes how do? Yes, very good thank you We want to order one baby please – And then God going to say, "But do you have a good job?" – And Daddy going to say, "Yes, I am accountant" God going to say, "Very good

" – God will say, "Do you have a key?" Girl will say, "Yes, I have key He like it, so he put a ring on it, you know" – When God get all answers he want, he start to make potion like this Look I am making potion Little bit of cute, little bit of handsome, little bit of smart, little bit of funny, little bit of stubborn

– Except when he make Lilly, he make mistake No, no he put in stubborn, no accidentally whole bottle fall inside, that's right Dumb head He make this potion like this He make a potion

then he put it into mommy's belly You see, belly button right here – Bodododododo Then a mommy turn into oven because it take nine months to bake the baby Then nine months later, mommy say, "Oh my God, look, I am baking cake

I am baking cake" Then doctor say, "Oh my God, this cake actually baby!" – [Voiceover] Then how does it become a girl or a boy? – Okay, because sometime, when God making potion, he by mistake put, put peanuts, he put nuts in there That's why you get a boy – Lock and a key – DNA

– Hormones – Contractions Hee hee, hoo Hee hee, hoo – [Voiceover] Wait, so, don't you also have to take your clothes off? – Go to your room! Huh? (echoing door slam) Hello, have you buy your tickets for my show yet, stupid dumb head kid? Buy your ticket for my show, I'm coming North America

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