I’m Getting My Own TV Show!

– Shooting in hotel rooms, like old times [ Sparkle Music] [Whoosh] – Hi, everyone! It's your girl, Lily, and I have big news

And an even bigger pimple But bigger news I'm nervous, I'm nervous, I'm nervous, ahhh I am so excited to finally tell you about something that I have been working on since literally forever and that is that your girl is getting her own TV show! [Cheering] That's right Your girl is getting her own NBC late night talk show called "A Little Late with Lily Singh

" It will be premiering in the Fall, approximately September, so, ah, that's like really soon And honestly, I'd like to thank a few people First and foremost, I truthfully, all jokes aside, I want to thank God Through your grace, you've given me so, so much I'm not going to be one of those people that doesn't thank God because I know what you can do with lightening and I ain't trying to die

I'd also like to truly thank Team Super, all the people that watch my videos, that ever liked, commented, thumbs up, anything I'm so grateful One of the things in my life, truly, that shocks me every single day is that shocks me every single day, honestly, is how much opportunity I have gotten and the ride I get to call my life because of you I really mean this from the bottom of my heart Team Super, all of my viewers, like, thank you so, so much for believing in me, for supporting me, everything you have ever done

Any way that you've included me in your day has made such a difference [Grand Music] Wait, wait no Don't play me out Don't play me out I'd like to thank all the women who have ever come before me in terms of having their own show, in terms of entertainment, in terms of the late night space

All the women who have come before me and paved a path, all the women who are currently on TV, continuing to pave a path, you're an inspiration to me An Indian-Canadian woman with a late night talk show? I would not be here without you [ Grand Music ] My family and friends, holy crap you put up with so much of my nonsense and I want to thank you for supporting me so that I could hustle And that I could put my head down and do work and I know that hasn't always been easy Thank you so much for your support

[Grand Music] I'd like to thank my team who work so tirelessly and deals with so much of my BS, and so many of my emails, thank you you all real ones [Grand Music] No, I'd like to thank The Rock, I'd like to thank Jimmy Fallon, I'd like to thank my dog, you've all been great supports And real talk, I'd like to thank NBC for giving me this opportunity, for believing in me I'm so excited to join your family and I am forever grateful Okay

Having said all of that, I am so excited to be building this show from scratch And I'm so excited to make it diverse, to include segments that I really believe in It's going to be sketch comedy, it's going to be interviews, it's going to be a wild ride And I know what you're thinking, how the hell do you make a talk show? We're going to find out together So, I do want to say, if you do want to follow my journey, there's two ways to do so

One is on this channel, because I'm still going to be posting main channel videos I would never abandon my YouTube family I am loyal to you and this does not mean I will not be here I will still be here So go ahead and click that subscribe button

It's about to get insane and I would love for you to join me on this positive, crazy, adventurous ride that we're about to have Otherwise, I do have a second vlog channel as well I'll put it in the description, you can subscribe Because that's where you'll actually see the behind the scenes of me building this show I'm talking like hiring a writers' room, and figuring out what kind of camera angles I want, and what I want my set to look like

The whole thing is going to be on my vlog channel Make sure you check that out and subscribe as well Other than that thank you a million times over, I could make this video a hundred hours long truly, but I will not I will spare you that I'm grateful for whatever few minutes you already gave me

I am forever humbled and grateful Ah! I'm so excited and scared and nervous and it's going to be amazing because we are in this completely together A Little Late with Lily Singh Here we come One love Lily

That is a wrap and zoop I'd also like to thank YouTube for allowing me to shamelessly promote, especially in this end card right now, for example my last video's over there, vlog channel over there, and that good stuff I'd also like to thank my poker face This one right here That's pretending like this shoe don't stank

I'd also like to thank Selena Gomez for genuinely being an awesome human being She's beauty, she's grace, I adore you [Screaming]

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