I’m a Broke, Gay, Married, Virgin?!

♫Where in the world is Superwoman today♫ – In a different room because my own room is too messy What up everyone, it's your girl Superwoman

Dat iron though (chomping sound) Spicy So today is Super Monday and I asked you all what do you want to see And I've seen this request a few times before, but today it was just like the top comment, and the most amount of tweets It was: Google yourself

And I was like, "Really though?" I've been asked to Google myself before, and I didn't really get it, so I watched a few other videos, and I was like, "Oh okay, it's basically just a few minutes of you like, losing all of your self-esteem" So that's what we're gonna do today Is it hot? Am I hot? Am I the only one hot, I'm sweating I'm sweating And my computer broke

And my computer's not working Eh, work The hell is going on? Ohhhh Huh? Everything's frozen ♫Let it go♫ (sigh) Better pause this

Okay, let's just type in my name, L-i-l-l-y Two Ls though Lilly, oh look there I am, Lilly Singh Okay, okay, there I am, cool Lilly Singh Twitter, IMDB, Vine, okay

I should not be on IMDB, I'm in like two seconds of one movie I do not belong on that website Let's try (hand hits table) Net worth, Twitter, IMDB Net worth? Okay, you're all trying to get hands in my pocket though Let's try is Income? What? Lilly Singh, this is fun, I'm having fun Lilly Singh is she married? (barf noises) How old is she? 18 19, I'm kidding! I'm 21 Okay, let's just try random letters Lilly Singh earnings

Wow Net worth, income, earnings, you are really curious as to how much I make Wow Young, Lilly Singh young, yes? Lilly Singh on Law and Order, huh? Apparently I was on Law and Order Lilly Singh house address

I'm a little scared of you right now I am a little terrified Getting married Okay, so what I've gathered here is you care about two things Me getting married, and how much I make

S, salary Lilly Singh salary (laughs) What is going on? Oh my god Do you want me to like send you my bank statements? Da F, Mom? Lilly Singh does, what does Lilly Singh do? (laughs and slaps table) What does Lilly Singh do for a living? Wow, wow My videos are all over the internet, and people are asking what I do for a living

Does Lilly Singh drink? Okay, you see, I bet you no white Youtuber would have that search, kay, brown, does she drink, is she getting married, how much does she make? Racism (laughs) Try Lilly Singh sucks Okay, let's search that one Oh, I hate Superwoman, Superwoman on Youtube sucks Let's click there

Superwoman is a fraud and she sucks Truth Are you one of the Superwoman fans? Then you're at the right place Firstly, she started making videos which were targeting religion discrimination Is that religion discrimination? And helping children through different means of meth– Okay, is this English? She started making videos which were targeting religion discrimination helping children through different means of methods

I, why, what does that sentence mean? But after she got popular on social networks and Youtube, she started charging thousands of dollars for speaking and made it her business Which probably isn't a great way to start her career Well damn, I need to call you for some career advice Because dang, I must be making no money I bet you no one is searching online for how much I make

Tsssss Okay, let's try iisuperwomanii, iisuperwomanii merch, Vine, Instagram Cool cool cool Twitter, oh my, why is Youtube nowhere to be seen? Nobody likes my videos Okay, ready? Is

Mar– (laughs) Is iisuperwomanii married? Is iisuperwomanii gay? Is iisuperwomanii Muslim? Is iisuperwomanii a virgin? Yes to all of them, I am a married, gay, Muslim, virgin person All of those are random (laughs) Am I married? No Am I gay? I mean it depends who's asking me, if you're Beyoncé then yes

Am I Muslim? No, I don't follow any religion but I have nothing against Muslim people Is Superwoman a virgin? I mean, again it depends who's asking Because if it's Mom, Dad, then yes, yes, yes For the rest of my life Everyone trying to get into my pants though

Okay, is Superwoman a virgin (laughs) Oh this is uncomfortable You see all the un-comfort here? Get all this un-comfort in the frame right now, get out Does iisuperwomanii have a boyfriend? Smoke, have a brother, smoke is another one Because my skin's brown, does she smoke? Tell me

Does iisuperwomanii have a boyfriend? Hmm Okay, images See what ships are sailing Okay, so we got Zayn Malik here We got Davey Wavey

We got Inquisitive, got a puppy, we got another puppy We got me almost kissing Kingsley We got me Humble the Poet Basically every man or animal I've ever taken a picture with is my boyfriend right now (laughs) Okay, okay, okay, honestly this picture, this is my boy– (laughs)

Maybe this elephant's my boy– I mean, he does have a pretty big, okay now I'll stop (laughs) iisuperwomanii hate Just watched her video don't really know how I feel about it though I commented on her video which pretty much sums up my thoughts What did you guys think? It's the one with Ryan Higa, so Rules of Racism Okay, let's see what people say

I actually cannot stand this girl (laughs) who tries way too hard to be something she's not I don't remember trying to be a puppy I don't find her funny or attractive (adjusts shirt) And how old is she, 24, 25, 26? This girl needs to grow up and act her age I think some of her other videos are funny and she's actually gorgeous if she dressed nicer (laughs)

What you mean, this oversize sweatshirt ain't doing it for you? I find her painfully unfunny (lip pop) Not even just unfunny, painfully I cause this person pain I'm so crappy I cause this person pain The way she dresses doesn't do her any favors, she looks way better when she wears feminine clothes

Oh and I have examples, look at this Oh my legs look great there Oh my go– oh, no, oh you like these pictures? The ones where you can see my legs and cleavage and stomach? Oh okay I get it Anyways that's pretty much it That wasn't so bad

I only need to take like three shots right now Not like 10, like I had assumed Put the rest of the shots away, that's fine Okay fine, we'll drink them So what I've gathered from Googling myself is that I'm a married, gay, virgin, who is rich? Or broke? Or you wanna know what I am? Well to be honest, if someone had to be totally up in my business, I'd want it to be you

So that's totally cool Thank you so much for watching this, I hope you enjoy it It's a really different type of video and honestly I don't like doing videos like this because again, I've said it before you have to like care about me to like this video And I just like to make people laugh and smile But you requested it, so, if it sucks then it's kinda your fault (laughs)

If you liked it, comment below and let me know Give this video a big thumbs up, also you can check out my last video, it is right there It's called Types of Cousins If the annotation doesn't work on your phone, I'll put a link in the description See that I in the corner of the screen? You can click there and go to my tour website, because I will be updating it with more cities and dates

Also, click subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday And last but not least, new episode of Lana Steele right there I will see you on Thursday One love Superwoman, that is a wrap, and zoop! ♫Hands in my pocket ♫Got hands in my pocket yeah ♫Hands in my pocket♫

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