IISuperwomanII Why I Can’t Take Naps French Subtitles

Okay you know what? I can take a nap 30 minutes! Just 30 minutes, no more! This is so cool Put your alarm clock, put your alarm clock girl! Oh my God I sleep in 2 seconds 2 seconds later Do I backed my writing? Do I turned off my straighteners? It's a great idea, I must write it down! I can not breathe! Ignore that! No, no, do not know, shut up! Nan nothing and you what do you do? I'm hungry

No ! No, we eat, sleep first! Okay! It remains 15 minutes, go! Wait, did I turned my alarm clock? Hold on ! I set my alarm, right? Too hot ! I'd better double-check my alarm clock! Too cold ! And I refreeze! Perfect Lilly, you sleep? Lilly, you sleep? You sleep ? Okay, clearly at all! So get up, okay? And I fall! I fall ! Why can not you sleep? Alright Alright ! then goes to work, okay? Okay! Chapter 1: "For the most " 30 seconds later Even 5 minutes

Oh my God, it is 10 hours !! Why I can not take a nap Honestly, I would take a good start tomorrow!

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