IISuperwomanII What Clubbing Is Actually Like (ft Liza Koshy) French Subtitles

You know ? To be honest, I'm not sure you want this collab How's everyone? It's me Superwoman! When you are under 21, there is a kind of magic about clubbing

And from someone who is older, let me tell you what it really looks like You will start the evening you prepare with your friends In other words, destroy someone's bathroom And you see, that, that's when the party starts That's the thing! What's this ? "Bawse!" The glasses are $ 15 in that box, so be drinking before arriving there

Doing the math quickly It's free for girls before 23h So we must start at 22:15 So you have to start drinking at 21:15 To give you 60 minutes to be tipsy

What makes about one glass every 15 minutes What makes a sip every 3 minutes Or a shot every 5 minutes And if you're behind? It is disrespectful Hey, you gotta catch up with your late! Huh? Come on, what are you waiting for? You're right ! You're doing a bottle, you jump in a Uber, who pretends to be stupid, and acted as if he did not know that your water is actually vodka

Hello ! Uber for Lilly Indeed, for people to believe that you are innocent, you will surely get a big mytho Fortunately we took this water, I'm horny, Yes ! We must stay hydrated, with water H2O

Then you get to the box and one of three things will happen # 1 It is 10:55 pm, but the bouncer's say you're late, and you get paid It's $ 10 per person

Wait, $ 10? What are you talking about ? It is 10:55 pm! Free for girls before 23h, brother! Yes, we have vaginas, brother! And breasts! Sort of But no, you're fine Oh, you're sweet

It is 23h past We still have 5 minutes okay? You live what time? At Pacific Time? You live in the islands, brother? It is $ 10 or you go! It is serious ? Hold my purse You! What is your name ? I'll complain Obviously You must learn to tell time! (Time) You know what ? I'll subscribe right away You have crossed the line "What's your name? I'll complain" Like you're going to remember this tomorrow when you have a hangover

In your memos like "Power Tripp?" "I will go to Power?" No 2! There will necessarily be a problem or a misunderstanding with the list You are on the guest list? Yes ! That's why we're in the tail of the guests Your names? Lilly And Liza

Liza and Lilly You are twins? Just because we have the same color, it does not mean that one is the same It is unique okay? Stop comparing us You are not on the list What do you mean ? Search again, brother! Yeah, still looking, brother! Wait! You look at what list? The VIP list

It depends is how much? $ 400 a bottle You're stupid ? One can have cans? Or a big shot? Hey, you can hurry? Hey, you want me to put on my list? And No 3! You finally gave in and agreed to pay $ 10, when I have no cash Seriously? Yeah, you can pay for me? Yeah, okay Finally there is a fair distributor You are the best ! We come inside Okay But when you arrive at 23h, it is too early and the box is empty

They are still being installed The DJ is now connect and make pickups tests Test microphone, 1, 2! Sorry Oh no, it's Take that You can not miss it, right there Over there ? And now with the situation, you are more in the mood and you need to be tipsy again Then you say "For 30 minutes, I'll be going strong" You take 1, 2, 3 rounds of shots! And then in 100% of cases, you'll have that conversation

Oh p **** n I think I'm immune to alcohol The same, it makes me nothing! You know what it is ? It's probably because we're more mature You're right Let's drink to that! 9 minutes later

I love you ! I'm so happy for your success Thank you ! I'll send a message to my ex Good idea

The DJ box are ridiculous Half the time they play music But they spend the other half to ruin your song shouting into the microphone Initially it will, because it is: Ladies, make some noise! It's the weekend ! But then it gets weird If you are drunk and make bad decisions, say "Yeahh!" If tonight you try to trick your boyfriend made "Heyyyy" If you sleep with the guy your best friend, made "Heeeyy" I was joking

And of course, this: ♫ "If you have a $ 20 bill, put your hands in the air" ♫ ♫ "If you have a $ 10 bill, put your hands in the air" ♫ I thought you did not have $ 10? What? As I paid $ 10 for you and that your hands are in the air, I just need an explanation Oh no, it's just music Lower your hands What? Lower your hands Haha, no matter what

I said, "drop your hands!" Do not put your hands in the air saying that you have a $ 100 bill when you restos tickets coming out of pocket, okay? And also, the boxes are so dirty and sweaty Trying to cross the room is almost impossible Then you must migrate your group, holding your hands You look at that Christmas speech, you know? Diversity It looks like this: Liza! Liza! Lilly, hold on! I will not let go! All this love, it excites me

It's like Titanic And I'm an iceberg, I'll take him deep! You're going to kill her? No, man, I'll sleep with her Arrive and Bang! Oh, you'll talk to him with words Of course not I'll walk up to her, put me behind, and rub myself to her as she dances with her friend

The girls love it The evening ends when you eat greasy food This pizza is great I'll marry her It's so good, I'll cry

And you go back to your friend, or hotel resembling nothing I'm sorry Wow, your hair is so soft I can do anything right I not like alcohol

And every time I draw a cloud, it looks like a crescent Yet you manage to do that: Dad Hey Dad, okay? Hello Lilly? Where are you ? I called many times Sorry Dad, I can not really speak to you there but let me tell you what happened Basically, Liza's life was turned upside down

She spent her life in the park, hanging out, she played basketball before school She was in a fight, his mother was scared and now she moved with her uncle and aunt in Bel Air I'm just trying to calm everyone I can not talk there I must be a good friend

Okay, you're a good girl Good night Good night I thank Liza for holding my hair They are so sweet

And my agent, for bringing me where I am today What you used as hair conditioner? Clubbing Never again

We must go, it's free for girls before 23h Or at least that's what you say every weekend Let's go ! It's Superwoman! And It's Liza! You are happy ? We did it ! If you do not know who that is, look at the link in the description It's Liza My last video is right there The blooper is there And subscribe, I make videos every Monday and Thursday

One love, Superwoman, Cut!

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