[IISuperwomanII vietsub] Zayn-Pillowtalk . My Parents React [Ep 17] [bật CC để có sub]

I want to wake up next to you ~ Right about that, you're in bed you here INTRO How's everybody, I'm Superwoman here And a real conversation Hundred percent always A true story always I remember the last time a video

There are many more requests to this video Until the day that song debut What you will faint because video When watching videos his parents react to Zayn-Pillowtalk I must say that I did not really always do Parents React very long because I do not know anything I do not not know what will happen in the video there But then I thought: You know my parents would completely understand it well

Because they know all these things will happen Right about that All that night High schools and When I go out late And you also know is what will happen and know, ok? Your parents know you're in the library to study groups: v <Laughs> Not unfaithful nhé I hope you enjoy the video: "your parents react: Zayn Malik-PILLOWTALK" <Back is greenscreen divine: v> Revealing: DDD Revealed: D revealing revealing She's dirty Tui hair brush and nè

A handsome guy, huh? Zayn revealed How's darling lately: v You do tui excitement and know Zayn! <And the introduction of doctors themselves during that anyone belonging to: v> Manjeet Singh! Chandigarh! District 17! ZEN: v He zai here Although my brother that: v See no Look like two drops of water clearly see that: v Today we will do a video response to MV Zayn Malik PI LAU SWITCHES Tui think this will be a comedy video there! But the bear Ted, the bears know about that! Except this one, this will be a pillow! This one will surely much magic here! Maybe this kid said Zen tangle it! Surely this would be something for all the family Sometimes its goddamned your guy back there is a pillow! This one will talk about you yeah? Maybe this guy was filming a TV show! in bed

I would like to be a guest there too! Technology today! Star pillow talk reminder again Let's see what the so-called TALK! abominable! the Shaanxi see? FO REN SHIP! err Has reached then, huh ??? What three cabinet ??? only 2 seconds HA !!! Huh? Huh? Giề what ??? Where's son Ted (Ted is one, then you ask tap: >>>>>>>) Ted dear? Statistics Uh, Uh Statistics Technical way that few bồ hoy, is OK yet! Giề what? Boy trying to break CHOAY behold: v (this boy is on fire ~~~~~~~~~) What in the hell is going on? A camera was iced and then! Lilly, a computer repair go figure! *blow* If what ??? Dressed to go me! Ho !!! @ $ & # @ # *! & $! & @ $ @! # @ What is fishing? Giề what is happening here can get? tui tui smooth hip understand anything! * Oh shit:))))))))) * * Color purple flowers, red flower color ~~~~~ * * Oxidation words:)))))))) * Not where do giề

do giề in in flowering Do you not Lilly flower? DEI world yet? Then give the plot away tui not? The so what is the problem ??? (Yes is a collective striptease sessions sir: v) Well this is exciting na! AIDS computers already! How on earth did you nail this mother's face ??? Nails are to build that clear ??? (Work from home flashback) This is what will happen if you do something that dumb! Statistics stopped dùm the box, like this, brain damage too! Tui brain is rally! tui not understand how it is, guys sometimes get directed ngáo there! Who is this cloud ??? Tui go join the army here! Does he want a woman idle and just stand there and do the pose little stupid right? Who is this girl? How come it does not feel like: v And why everything was approved this? The machine was how and know, where's the tree computer ??? * Harm to hear too much Pillowtalk: v * This is not heaven where the hell cmnr: v What is this? now it beats small children guitar, and the guitar it do you, huh? cu cry eh? Good! Good hoy! Did ??? He urinated on Asian neighbor ??? What sets it as his wedding yet? Flowers and everything the aunt know? MV what was lost in the "canal" cmnr Prohibit neighbor pee on it! Crying? Justly because she is a spoiled child! ??? Iced my brother and This should always go into the trash! Garbage recycling not always because I do not want anyone to see this crazy thing! Sub by Romar (new AEV: vvvvv)

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