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No ! I want to be bald How's everyone? It's Superwoman! And I recently realized, I was a couple

What is shocking to me because I did not know I was a couple Literally, until now, I feel I have been a Twix who has watched by there all his life, And here I am: I slept with someone all this time! And according to the title of the video you surely understood that I was talking to my phone, and not a person, so Now that we have established that

Do not expect a great replica I'll be honest with you! Because on my Facebook, a lot of people became engaged, "Happy third anniversary" To take full of cute pictures and I'm just sitting there: "I love you !" Exact ! I go out with my mobile phone! And if you have a phone, guess what? You too go out with! And I'll prove it to you right away by telling you my story of love! If at any time the video you doing? "Oh my God, it's too me!" click on the thumb to join the club sad! Okay! Let's go ! Welcome to my couple relationship! Phase 1: "Heartbroken" It started when I came out of an abusive relationship with my old phone This "son of" never listened to me! He ignored me all the time, and not know what he wanted! He no longer met my needs and I felt like talking to a wall! So I had to end it But now I have this hole in the heart that I have to fill! And that's when I spotted this cute little thing! I spotted this new phone and I was immediately in love with him! Which brings me to the Phase 2: Harassment So here I am on the internet looking at pictures of this baby

I think it's really good and I want to know everything about him, Because I do not want to rush into another relationship, I can not stand another disappointment So I ask questions to my friends about him, "Is he fast?" "Is he big?" "Do we get along with?" "Is he always let me talk to my friends?" "Is what I can easily touch the buttons?" "If so, is it going to stop?" I need to know ! Once I decided to have this phone, I will do everything for it Which brings us to the 3rd phase "Our first day together" I brought home, I take him in my room Just me and the phone

I open your box slowly Because I know you're new, and fragile I open slowly But I stop in the middle because I want to take a picture of us You show the world, because baby, you're too good! You have my attention, okay? I promise you ! So I'll take care of you

And guess what ? Yes you know I'll let you tone plastic okay? Because I want nothing may happen to you, phone And I want to sound dirty, But, tonight, I will explore all your faces! All this love needs more love and we get to Phase 4: Phase of Honeymoon We are so happy together! You listen to everything I say, I will keep warm I Achaetes you sexy new clothes! And I'm so happy, you can do anything about it and I tell all my friends what happened to me I change my profile photo to put you and me, so now it's official

I'm so in love! I'm in a room full of people, but the only thing I think it's you! I am so happy ! And it will last forever! That's saying all those couples Until they reach Phase 5 Your beautiful appearance is not enough, I need more! Yes agree you are beautiful, no one can deny that, but I got used to you! You will not do anything special for me! There's always something happening and I'm sick! I sleep and you wake me up? I need space! And at this time I will do something dramatic I'll take your plastic I'll take off your plastic !! And that's when you understand

I'm not in love with you Which brings us to Phase 6 Neglect

I will consider him for granted I use you! I go out with friends to have fun and leave you home Because I do not want to have to take care of you! I make you evil I will neglect! But what am I supposed to do? You make me ashamed in front of my friends! We smile! I expect more memory Now, one smile! Wait, it is blocked

We smile! Oh no wait We smile! Dumb ! I make you listen to the song, listen! It's on purpose I come home and I want to discuss, but you're already asleep! I'm sorry to say that but I want to break! Because I deserve better So that's it! And I wake up the next day in Phase 7: The panic ! Where are you ? I do not see you anymore ! I stop not to call but do not you answer! I feel you more I'm sorry I treated badly, baby please! Come back ! I'm too afraid ! You know everything about me I need you ! Come back What we ammene to Phase 8: The reconciliation texting

We are back together and you know what is best, the best thing about disputes I am with you all night! I remember why I fell in love with you Yes it is true you have some défaults, you extinguish you like that occasionally But I love you anyway ! You know me so well I remember what it feels like to laugh together

Cry together Do we play more! It does not last long, because it was nice to try to make it work, because we both know it's time to move forward What ammene to Phase 9: The farewell "I know we've been through a lot" "I'm sorry but there is someone else" It's not you, it's me "I want too and I do not want to hurt you" "I'm sorry" "But it's time I hang up" Now tell me that's not the story of your life! This strange moment when you realize that you go out with your mobile

And your relationship with your phone is exactly the same as the one you have with other people I just want to know if it's just me So if you also tweet me Using the hashtag #I go out with my laptop (#IAMDATINGMYPHONE) Because I want to know if this is something for which I need help And if you like this video, do not forget to click on the links below to share video

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