If YouTubers Were Teachers

– ♫ Where in the world is super woman today?♫ – Mumbai India What up everyone? It's your girl super woman and every once in awhile I get a tweet from you lovelies being like, today my teacher showed your video in class and that always makes me feel super thrilled and honored but also super confused because what the F was that lesson about? Hello class and welcome to Career Counseling 101

Now today we're going to evaluate all of your career options For those of you pursuing a career in psychology, your career options are, You Tuber, Viner, any questions? Just kidding, I'm totally kidding Real talk though, don't stress If you are getting a degree in psychology, you can totally use your degree to become a sales associate and that got me thinking What if You Tubers were teachers? I mean like, what if we taught school classes and you, our viewers, were our students? I mean, we're already really good at Q and A's

So let's make like Columbus and explore the situation First of all, our class attendance would be awesome because think about it, if we can get people to watch our videos, we can definitely get people to attend our class Welcome to, oh my God, there's a snake inside me (dramatic music) – This is going to be so awesome – And in this class, you're going to learn all about biology

– Wait, biology? I thought we were going to see a snake inside of you? – Yes, correct, there is a snake inside of me It's called my intestines so, technically I didn't lie and I'm going to teach you all about it – Wait, where's the snake? I want to see the snake – That's what the class description said, "You won't believe your eyes" – You said there was a huge snake

– Yes, there's a large intestine and a small intestine – Why did I take this class? – Hey, at what time does she actually show the snake? – Click bait for days Welcome to How To Make Her Your Queen Chess Club Welcome to, You Won't Believe What's Inside Her Booty Anatomy Welcome to, One Direction Chaos History

Although, I guess that one's accurate now Don't shoot, don't shoot, I'm sorry, I'm sorry And I'm pretty sure You Tubers would have a really unique way of teaching things Diagrams, pffff, note taking, nah, group projects? F a group project, I hate group projects why? So Tim can do my homework and Tim can get an A? F U Tim, Tim F U I might have been Tim

This is how You Tubers would teach things – OMG I have never been this early to class – Good morning class It's your teacher Miss Thing and I'm so excited because today, look who it is – It's me Mister Sanders from next door's history class

– And if you don't know who Mister Sanders is, what are you doing? You've got to check out his history class I'm going to put his room number on the board – Oh thank you – Of course – It's so good to see you

– So glad you made it It's about time – It's an honor, I know right? – So long overdue – So long – I know

– Who is that? – Fav's – First – I'd totally ship it – Today we're going to teach you about sex education with – the condom challenge – the condom challenge

– What I'm going to do is fill up a condom with water and then drop it on Mister Sanders head to show you exactly how strong a condom really is – I'm so nervous, I have no idea what's going to happen – Are you ready Mister Sanders? – I'm ready – Let's do it I want everyone to stop and text someone that you might think to hook up with

– Um Miss? I thought condoms went on the other head? – Leave a comment kid All the staff member collabs And there's a challenge for every subject World Studies, accent challenge Visual Arts, pancake art challenge

Chemistry, diet Coke and Mentos challenge Drama class, cinnamon challenge or let's be real, any other challenge where people eat food, even if it's completely normal But, if there isn't a challenge for a certain class, why you trippin? We have other ways Alright class, today we're going to do a fun experiment I need everyone to walk out into the hallway and pretend you're having a heart attack

– What kind of experiment is this? – A social experiment And for a final mark, you're all going to have to complete a project – What kind of project? – When is it due? – What does this involve? – Can't tell you that, it's a secret project (soft piano music) And to be honest, You Tubers would be really good teachers I mean, we're really good at creating safe spaces where everyone feels welcome and comfortable Well, most of the time

Alright class, I finished marking your tests and I'm going to be honest I was pretty disappointed I'm not going to mention any names or make a scene because I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable But I'm about to hand back these tests and somebody failed I'm not going to say who but somebody here failed It was Jackie

Jackie Hunter you failed Look at this F, this is your F, how do you feel? – My parents are going to kill me – Her parents are going to kill her Comment below if you think her parents are going to kill her Look at this F, look at her

(laughs) Alright, everybody open up to page three You Tubers would give their students the best books to read because we know what's cool and we know what students like to read and what's educational but we also know, how broke some teachers can be Alright class, for homework I'm going to need you to read chapters one through five of our new class novel But I mean, if you don't have time to read those chapters, I get it – Wait what? – No, I understand

Sometimes you don't have the time in a day to hold a book, open the book, read the book, who has time for that really? – Is she serious? – Yeah, so you know what you should do instead? You should listen to the book and I know what you're thinking Miss how do we do that? Well don't worry, I got you You should visit Audiblecom that has all the latest audio books In fact– – Oh my God

Stop it already – Yeah, we'd be the best teachers ever – Yo I hope you enjoyed that video If you did, you know what to do Give it a big thumbs up especially because I'm sick and dying and I'm in the video anyways and I sound like a stupid person in it because of my voice and I do anyways

So, I think you should click the thumbs if you want only if you want You don't have to I guess Subscribe and let me know what you're favorite part of the video was You want to check out my last video it is right there It's called Things That People Say To Vegetarians

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All the links are in the description 1 loves sup woman That is a wrap and zoop, (coughs) – Woop – JK, the end – Oh

(beep) Whoo – Are you good? Promise? – Yeah – Okay, (mumbles) (pop) (laughing) Are you okay? – I got a condom collar

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