If Your BFF Were Your Parent

– Did you not tag me in this picture? – I'll do it tomorrow – You're grounded

– I said I'll do it tomorrow – I'm unfollowing you for a week, no proofreading your texts, and you can't use my hair ties (guitar) – Did you put a filter on this picture? – No – We've been over this What are you supposed to do before you post a picture? – Use a filter, and add a flower crown

– That's right, okay? You're not a kid anymore Delete it and repost You are acting very drunk right now I'm very upset with you – You're upset? (laughing) I thought Upset was marrying Cardi B

– Stop, stop it, okay? You're on a timeout That's it, you're on a timeout – No, no! – Yes you are – No, no, no, no! – Yes you are, listen You can come back and dance with us when you're ready to act sober, okay? Hey, hey, if you drunk text your ex, I'm turning this car right around, young lady

Hey, did you blend your foundation into your neck? – Yeah – Let me see No you did not Go back an blend your foundation into your neck Go! Hurry up, you look like a geisha

Wow What do you say? Hey, what do you say when you get something pretty? – Yaaas! – Good girl (inaudible) Thank you Did you flirt with her man? – Yes – Sorry, I can't hear you! – Yes, I flirted with your man

– Okay, and what do you have to say for yourself? – I'm sorry for being a little hoe – Thank you, I'm so sorry about this Let's go! Finish your shot! Okay, there's people in the world that can't afford alcohol One more sip – Mm-mm

– One more sip – Mm-mm Last sip, last sip, last sip – Mm-mm – Oh, d-d-d-d-d-d, good girl

Good girl (whispering) We'll take another one – Lilly, I'm ready to go – What? It's 11 pm

You wanna go home already? – I'm sleepy – No, act your age! Go dance, right now, do it! – Guess who has a date tonight? Eh! – That's a dollar – It slipped out – Doesn't matter We do not dab in this household, young lady

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