If the Internet Was a Person (ft. Connor Franta)

– Good morning, what's happening in the world? Any breaking news? – Yes, Taylor Swift was seen going to the gym with her friends in Hollywood – Anything else? – She was wearing gray sweatpants and white sneakers

– Okay – Also, I think there's like a war going on or something – Welcome to ten reasons you should smile – Wow, did you really just say that? What about people who can't smile because of their weak facial muscles? – Okay, okay, awesome, me and my sister will be there – My sister and I

– Oh, I just posted a new video, check it out – Hey, I know this is really annoying, but I just posted a new video to my new channel here on YouTube and I was wondering if you'd check it out and give me a chance, please – And I'll take a side of fries Actually, no, wait, I'm gonna try onion rings today – Wow, you changed

– You know what, I feel like wearing lipstick today – I miss the old you – Welcome to girls and their periods – That's really rude What about exclamation points and commas? – I love oatmeal

– What a sellout – What? – Ad – What are you talking about? – Illuminati confirmed – (sighs) Sending prayers and positive vibes to those affected by the recent tragedy Tweet

– Wow, I've been here for three seconds and I'm very offended and disappointed that you haven't said anything about the tragedy Unfollow – Okay, check out this adorable video of this puppy falling – That's like really cruel to animals – I love this campaign

I run hashtag like a girl – Yeah, well, I run hashtag like a boy I fight like a boy Let's get like a boy trending Cause like I believe in equality, so

What about cheetahs? They run faster than all of us All lives matter – I think I'm having a heart attack – Fake Oh my God, I hate Lilly so much

She's so lame – Almost as lame as talking crap about strangers thinking they won't hear – Oh my God, Lilly, thank you so much for replying I'm your biggest fan, I love you so much, thanks – What up, everyone? It's your girl, Superwoman, with

– Connor Franta – This handsome, oh, snap, son – Oh, that's kinda good actually, Connor Franta

– That's a thing, make it a thing, it's officially a thing Hope you enjoyed this video If you did, give it a big thumbs up Comment below, is this just us? Are we the only jerks that feel this way? Or is this what the internet is like? I think we're geniuses actually – Yeah, me too, I agree

– You can check out the video we did on Connor's channel, as well, the link is in the description It's super fun and cool – We do Instagram things We recreate the most popular Instagrams on Instagram, so you should go check that out, click my face – We had such a good time, we had such a good time shooting it

My last video's right over there My vlog's right over there, and yo, click subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday You wanna try the thing we me, wanna try the thing we me? – You know I do it wrong every time – One love, Superwoman That's how you wrap and zoop

Damn – Sass

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