If Talk Show Interviews Were Honest (ft. Chelsea Handler)

Can you scroll down? Okay, the teleprompter is saying we are introducing a very very funny comedian and actress who does YouTube videos please welcome Lilly Singh who? *applauding* Thank you for filling the time slot, I'm exhausted to be here, I'm gonna say a bunch of things that my writers research It's like numbers numbers numbers It says like 12 million subscribers Forbes 30 under 30 woah I'm kind of listening, but I'm more concerned with how I'm sitting and if it looks okay follow meeee I've never actually really watched your stuff

This cue card says that you wrote a book okay here Let's promote that yall Never watch the show either, but yes, I wrote a book It's called how to be a bus It is a guide to conquering life, and I'm here to tell you to buy it Sorry I wasn't listening I was thinking about my next question, which is you're Indian Which means I definitely have to ask you about your parents of course I assume they're disappointed

*laughter* well actually I have a great very funny spontaneous story about them that I pre-planned I'll pretend It's funnier than it actually is great so my parents to be so confused with what I did But now my dad is so obnoxiously proud of me He goes around to everyone says I'm Lilly Singh's dad *laughter* I really think the story's adorable *awwww* I'm gonna ask you about your watch now because I know that you have an endorsement deal Oh, yes, that's right, and now you'll get a portion of the check So thank you Oh, also my publicist thought I should say that you're an inspiration to myself and women everywhere

-This is vodka -I hope I'm still sitting okay I didn't shave that high -We're gonna play a game now because I need a segment on YouTube Oh, I'm gonna actually often confused even though myself and 17 people on my team approve It's called never have I ever oh, I played this a thousand times I'm sure you're still gonna Tell me the rules I am I'm gonna say something that I've never done, and then if you've done it I get a point oh, I'm for sure gonna lie for the sake of my friend never have I ever stolen anything Oh never Oh except for traditional media's audience Yeah, you do get a lot of views and that's why we wanted to have you on the show Logan I mean Lilly Lilly Lilly never have I ever been 😀 Stoned on a talk show never no I don't want to lose my brand deals Right now could you remind me? What's buy my book again? Yes? Yes, we have 15 seconds left in the thing so say what you need to because say, thank you several times

Thank you Thank you, and I'm gonna interrupt you because you keep repeating yourself, and then also my sister got you this gift 🙁 Oh, I'm just filled with things that have your name on them actually had nothing to do with it Okay great Be sure to support Lily's new album It's cuz it's a hashtag and then grow balls, and you can watch your videos on Vimeo Thank You Lilly First they're gonna take home all the food in the green room now We're gonna lean in and we're gonna talk about it Okay, raise it maybe but I know I did me wrong You me me the rest was an average Thank you on your show as well with your viewers, thank you, okay, okay? Hey, I hope you enjoyed this video with Kelsey and make sure you check out her show on Netflix is called Chelsea it makes a Lot of sense okay My last video is right over there check out my second vlog channel right over there That make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday one love superwoman that is a wrap and Zoop I'm very scared of you

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