If Social Media Were An Olympic Sport

– Hello and welcome back to the Social Media Olympics My name is Field Reporter 1

We're in the final rounds with returning champion, Lilly Singh (dramatic music) Based on her performance history, Lilly will have no trouble with sub-tweeting, killing the GIF game, or fake 'I woke up like this' selfies Having said that, she continues to struggle with grammar, sharing fake news, and ensuring her Twitter layout matches Let's hope this doesn't get in between her and taking home that gold emoji Let the games begin

(dramatic music) This first game is called hashtag Chained Down The contestant must stay in bed, lay on their side, keeping their phone charged, and taking the best possible selfie – Now it takes serious skill to hit the correct angles when being restricted with a short charger cable (dramatic music) – [Female Judge] Oh look at that form It's flawless

She truly is a natural – [Male Judge] Wow That's 89 selfies in nine seconds That's gotta be a new record – But how many of them are blurry? It's about the little details

A piece of hair, a slightly more natural smile, a nice flare of the lens even – Oh, great choice! – But the hardest part is yet to come It is essential that Lilly uses a quote in her caption – There's a lot of directions she could go here – Now the clock is ticking

– Any longer and she may become irrelevant – Is it chill that you're in my head? Hashtag delicate (applause) (triumphant music) – Oh in the nick of time A T-Sweezy reference And with a hashtag for clarification

She slithers her reputation all the way to the next round On to the next game She assumes the appropriate position (dramatic music) The goal here is to tweet like Trump using a maximum of 280 characters – Oh this is no easy task as President Trump doesn't always use nouns, adjectives, verbs or even real words when tweeting

– Not to mention, she needs to get this done before her legs fall asleep – Fake news wants you to believe that Mcdonald's milkshake machines are broke at 3:00 am False! If they can make sundaes, they can make milkshakes Zero tolerance! – Fantastic tweet complete with spelling and grammatical errors

But will the judges slide into her DM's? (applause) (triumphant Tremendous effort Another W in the books This final game is called The Great Facebook Shakeoff Lilly must go on Facebook and reduce any tension on her feed brought on her family and nosy friends – Now every selfie, every political view, every tagged photo has been commented on by a family member or a high school friend

– This is especially challenging on Facebook where everyone's opinion is a fact (dramatic music) – "Ew Too much makeup" – Uh oh This doesn't look good

– Yeah? How about I shove some of it down your throat to give your personality a makeover you trash muffin? (audience boos) – Ouch – [Crowd Member] You suck! – "Put some clothes on What the bloody hell you doing?" – What's this? A comment from her father? Does she have another chance? She's responding – Well that's a type speed of about 60 kilometers per hour – Really impressive considering how many times auto-correct will change real words into other real words you didn't mean

– Dad, put your glasses on It's a novelty t-shirt Duh! (triumphant music) (applause) – She's done it Lilly has won the Social Media Olympics Look at that excited face

– Alright, yeah cool Alright Whoo hoo Cool yeah, thanks Um okay, I'll try to make this less than 15 seconds so I can put it on my story

Thank you Internet and thank you Will Smith for making Instagram great again – There you have it Until next year, remember anyone can be great on the Internet, hashtags mean you care and the more offended you are, the more woke you seem This is Field Reporter 1 saying good night – I hope you enjoyed this video! If you did give it a big thumbs up because that's why I make the videos

Last video over there, second vlog channel, check it, it's so good! Check the vlog channel! Make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One Love Superwoman that is a wrap and zoop Yay!

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