If Photographers Were Honest

– Smile! (camera clicking) You look kind of drunk (upbeat music) Hi! You seem like you have a big budget, so I'm gonna overcharge you

(camera clicking) Your smile's a little weird Maybe show some teeth? Actually, you know what, that's worse I didn't realize your teeth were so crooked (laughs) No teeth, no teeth Okay you're doing this thing with your face that you think is sexy, but it's weird

Stop that Smile, big smile (camera clicking) Big smile in the ugly plaid shirt Thatta boy 10 years from now your son is gonna hate you for making him do this

Fix your hunchback just a little bit You look a little constipated Your outfits are horrible You know what it is? Is that she's really pretty, and you're kind of like whatever Maybe just go behind her, and then I'll focus on her

Yeah, you know what it is? You're just not photogenic Can you move to the left a little bit to help cover up your dad's beer belly? Maybe just, maybe just get completely behind her, and then duck a little bit Go ahead I mean, it's not really getting any better That's worse

That's worse Go back, go back Maybe use both hands? Okay, you know what, I'll fix it in post I mean, she's a lot better looking than you Everyone's gonna be talking about it at your wedding

Smile! (camera clicking) You know what, black is definitely not your color Did you bring other clothes? (camera clicking) Maybe something normal? Try to look normal Ah, that was out of focus One more time Oh no, that was out of focus

Out of focus Got it Nope, out of focus Okay, let me just make one or two or 94 quick adjustments I'm kind of just guessing right now

Okay! And that was out of focus And I'm gonna move this flash thing around to show you how professional I am, ready? – Amazing, amazing – Great! I'll get you these pictures in about nine months – That's perfect – Okay

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