If People Were Honest At Work

– [Man] Would you file these please? – Yeah, I'll get to this right after I'm done scrolling through Facebook for two hours (upbeat base filled music) Wanna go make out in the supply room? – Oh hey, the guys and I were just talking about your boobs

– I'm totally gonna steal this stapler – Hey, can you see you in my office? I haven't exercised my authority yet for today – Oh, morning – I really don't like you I talk so much crap about you when I'm out with my friends

They know you as the stupid girl from work Such an annoying voice Hate you – You – Have a good day

Hey, sorry I'm late I didn't wanna come – See you tomorrow – No you won't I'm about to go get plastered, but I'll call in sick tomorrow

Guess who just made out in the elevator – Boom! – Ey-oh! – That was the tit – You're fired because you're really dumb and you suck at this job – That's fine, I hate this job Hello, Ms

Duchebag's office – Hey, did you close those accounts like I asked you to? – No, I don't really know how to do my job – (laughing) Same – Sorry, she told me to say she's busy in a meeting because she doesn't wanna talk to you – Hey everyone, guess who just got high? (laughing) – But I could take a message, and never give it to her

– Here's the receipt from my birthday dinner that I expensed as a business meeting – One second, I'm on a long distance personal call You got what? I thought it wasn't contagious – My assistant is a moron Oh I was just talking about you and how you're ruining my life

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