If My Period Was A Person ft. Connor Franta

(crickets) (knock knock) Guess who? (groans) ♪ bleh stop it bleh stop it! bleh bleh STOP it! bleh bleh bleh (sneeze) Look I haven't been swimming in so long I'm so excited Hey, that would be a perfect time for me to drop by

I can't come Why didn't you call me? He doesn't love you Is because you don't love me? He thinks you're fat Do you think that fat? He doesn't understand your feminine side oh my god YOU DON'T GET IT!! But what if he l♥ves you? I'm really sorry I'm sorry oh my god, what if he leaves you? Baby I l♥ve you! Wait what if he's cheating you? I HATE YOU!! GRRRRRR Aren't you forgetting something? O these are nice! White? Are you sure about that? I mean it should be fine

Risky Chocolate snickers Hello? Hello, hi, yea (?????) call you forever, right like two whole time I need you to pick up chocolate Kitkat, snickers make sure you get snickers the extra large snikers Yeah, baby I'll stay over tonight Really? really will you? Maybe next week? Next weeks probably better Yea, let's do next week bye! Bye I'll see you next month It's been fun see ya Actually how about I stay one more, on Saturday (???) (Screaming) (screaming slows) (Screaming stops) bulaubalbua bubl buubwobw BUublwubwl cpoucpicle buwlubwlubwlubwlu cuplucpulcluplclc No, don't like it try again, no

merhm merhm no nope no nope neh (sigh) Not bad not bad Plus ten (cries in pain) Honestly why do you do these things you're so stupid! ug! Are you on your period or something? (punch) NO! NO! No come one let's go lie down Hey! Hope you enjoyed that video, if you did make sure you give it a big thumbs up, comment below and subscribe because I make new videos every Monday & Thursday And you know who this handsome dude is

It me Make sure you check out his channel we made a video on his channel That's coming out It's called so relatable

And it's so relatable, it's so relatable, so relatable And when is it coming out? It's coming out NEXT monday So make sure you check it out Click on his face, his information is in the description until n- Wanna do my outro with me now? Yeah! okay here we go

one love, superwoman that is a wrap and zoop

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