If My Love Life Was a Video Game (ft. SSSniperWolf)

– Aah Hey guys, what's up? So today, we're gonna be playing "Lilly's Love Life"

I'm a bit rusty, just like Lilly, and you guys have been requesting this a lot, so here we go (electronic music) Alright, let's see what our mission is (video game beeps) (Lilly yawns) This gonna be so freaking hard Okay, first we gotta pick a good skin Gotta make her look good

So she can get a date So she can get a man (video game beeps) The mission is to get laid not paid Next! I mean, I know Lilly's horny, but this is a little extreme (Lilly neighs) I feel like only Billie Eilish can pull off Billie Eilish

This one's perfect! But it's $5,000 Oh, This feels good (video game woosh) Cute! Okay, we need to find a weapon (video game beeps) Oh, definitely need this Lilly loves onion rings

(video game woosh) And this (video game woosh) Ooh, 50% chance I'll need these (video game beeps) Cute! Love! Hot! Ooh Baby, gimme anything Lilly's ready to settle

Okay Think I got it Now, we wait (suspenseful music) It's been three days! (gasps) We finally found a match! Now, lets decide where to meet (video game beeps) I tried Denny's last time, but Lilly ate too many pancakes, and vomited all over the place

Let's try a house party (video game whoosh) – Oh yeah! Time to get laid, baby – Wow, I forgot how bad the dialogue is in this game (video game beeps) – It's gonna be lit – God, no wonder she's single

Let's go find our target (suspenseful music) (video game beeps) Bingo! Found him (dull beep) What are you doing? Why won't you jump? How do you jump? Why isn't this working? No! Oh my (metallic scrape) No, stop, stop, stop! Why would you even have a sword at a house party? (metallic scrape) Oh my god Don't! No! What are you doing? (dull beep) Finally, now lets get to Adam

(video game beeps) – Oh, hey Lilly! It's Dan – Who's Dan? – Your ex-boyfriend – What are you doing here? – Nothing Just here to ruin your life (menacing music) – No, no, no Get outta there

You gotta leave the premises – Aaagh! Let's get back together – No! No, no (alarm chimes) More exes! – I miss you – Let's talk

– Wanna go to Denny's? – No! – I need another weapon! (video game beeps) – We were so good together! Aagh! – Be gone! – You stay slipping sucker – Ha ha, yes! That was way too easy – Look, someone hotter than me! – Nevermind – I think we should see other people – I need space! (video game chimes) – Yes, we got 'em

– Swerve! Now, I need to find some confidence – Perfect – Sup bro! Do you want a shot of vodka or a glass of wine? – Last time we used wine Lilly fell asleep So, vodka it is – Vodka

(slurps) Ugh, I'm never drinking again – (giggles) She always says that Let's talk to Adam – Hi, I'm Adam and I'm a vegan (video game chimes) – What should I say? Option one

Are you an orphanage? Because I want to give you kids (laughs) If we choose this one, we're gonna die here Option two Hi, how are you doing? All right, this one – Hi, how are you doing? – Pretty good, now that you're here

(video game beeps) – Yes! She's so easily impressed! – Did I mention I'm a vegan? – (scoffs) We got one of those! You did, but that's okay because Lilly's desperate (video game chimes) But, I got a secret up my sleeve – (laughs) You're too funny – Mm – Wanna get out of here and get to know each other better? – Works every time

– Yes, I'd love to – One last thing – Hurry up! I only have 30 more seconds to get laid – I just got out of a serious relationship Would love to take things slow

Maybe just grab a coffee? – No! No, I'm not trying to grab coffee I'm trying to get laid (negative video game chimes) Man, this game is impossible! – Yo, what's up! I hope you enjoyed this collab with – SSSniperWolf – If you are living under a rock and you don't know who this is, what are you doing? Her link is in the description Make sure you subscribe to her channel

My last collab is right over there Behind the scenes is right over there And yo, subscribe to this channel It's not as good as hers but it's aight We makin' videos out here

One love, Lilly That is a wrap and zoop

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