If Men Had Boobs (ft. D-Trix & sWooZie)

– What's up bro, how was your date? – She was looking at my cleavage all night – Ew

– Right? – I hate when that happens (horse galloping) – You're so lucky man, I look like a nine year old boy – This is not a blessing, they're so big and annoying – Work was so stressful, my boss wasn't even paying hey my eyes are up here – I know, I was looking at your eyes

– No you're not – I was looking right at your eyes – Okay fine, what color are my eyes? – Don't do that, I know exactly what color your eyes are – What color are my eyes then? – Really? 34C? – I'm outta here My gosh, stay down

Stay hol', hold on, there we go, better Oh my god, this is so annoying My tissues coming out, no, okay we're good – Are they supposed to hit you in the adam's apple like this? Let's just say that my boobs are above average – Ew, some random dude sent me a tit pic

(screenshot click) – Real talk, how big are your areolas? – I mean, they're pretty big, how 'bout you? – You tryin' compare? – Psh, are you kidding me? Let's do it Are you kidding me bro? No, okay, you're just selfish, okay That's all good, I'm just gonna show a little nip nip – That's what I'm working with – The color though

– Let me see yours – Alright – Bruh – Yeah? – My dude, my dude! – Right, right! – We got titties! – Right, right! – Hold up, that one hurt actually – Sorry

Do you need help? – No, no no no baby, I almost got it – Are you sure? – Is this a one hook or is it two? – It's two, I wear the same bra every day, you should know this – It's almost, almost, almost, almost – No, I'm over it – No, no no nono

– I'm not in the mood anymore – No baby! – No – Babe! – And then what happened? – And then I laid her down super slow son – Okay, and then? – I made her wait for it – Yeah, yeah yeah

– And then, I gave her this big ol' black D-cup size! The D cup! I gave them to her! – My boy, my boy! – Yes, me, her D cup – Super powers 23,000 hours, what Off the CC (singing together) you know these titties ain't free! – Uh, yeah

Oh yeah – Yes! They're free! – That's what I'm talking 'bout yeah, go ahead, breathe Stretch, shake, let it go – Ta da – What's this? – Just open it

– Was this a gift for me or for you? – For both of us – You pig – What? Thought you'd like it – Did you even notice my fancy new bra? What's the point? Do you know how expensive that was? And you took me to KFC! I'm done! – You like those boobies? You like those big ol' boobies? Yeah, say my name, say my name Oh yeah, you feel that? My nipples are rock hard

Rock hard – Officer, are you sure there is no way you can let this ticket slide? – That a tit pic? Are you trying to get Butch and Spike excited? You are, aren't you? No, please, continue Baby, baby! – Babe, do we have any double sided tape? You don't want this curse, they're so big annoying – Uh, I'll take it honey, oh – Come on, this is a family friendly show

– Is! – Stop letting your titties out – That's not my bra Sorry (mumbles) – What else would it be? – I have a high booty back, I don't know what it is – Boobies knocked me in the adam's apple

– Here, you maybe – I'll hold yours, you hold mine – Keep it down (mumbles) Just gonna leave me hanging? – Better – You look hot though – How do we do jumping jacks? – Are you crossing your legs? (laughing) – Hey, I hope you enjoyed that video with – Dietrich! – And? – Swoozie

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