If Girl Talk Sounded Like Guy Talk

(horse neigh) (whoosh) – Yo, real talk How wide is your vagina? So a man came over last night, I hit it two times! – [Girls] Yes! – I hit it from the front

– [Girls] Yes! – I hit it from the side – [Girls] Yes! – I hit it from the back! – (record scratch) What? – How? (slurps) – His pecs were like a nine but his face was like a three – [Girl] Put a bag on it! – Ay! (laughs) Yo, met this dude last night, big peen! Check out his Instagram Peen Peen

Ay, yo, check out the pecs on that dude It's like two grown twins, like Dylan and Cole Sprouse Just sweet life, – Mm! – Right on his chest Mine's like pretty tight You think yours is tighter? – Hey boy, where you from? We just wanna talk

– Should we compare? – Why you gotta be so rude? – Jerk Yo, I got one jerk in Toronto I got a side jerk in LA I got a Asian jerk in Tokyo – That's my girl! – La-la-la-la! Peen

Peen Yo, yo, yo, check out his peen in these yoga pants – [Group] Damn! – I hit it on the floor – [Girls] My girl! – In the car – [Girls] Get it! – At Walmart! – (record scratch) Wait, what? – How? – So I was a party the other night, mad jerks there

Fat jerks, skinny jerks Yo this party is such a taco fest There was this one jerk there, that was wearing like low cut jeans, you know you could see the V leading to his ding-a-ling (exhales) Woo! – Did you hear about that one jerk, Kevin? I heard he got it in the back of a school bus – Mm, that's a ho! Yo, check out them glutes

Ah, look at them when he runs – I heard he wears shorts (scoffs) – He's basically asking for it – I'd hit it but I ain't taking him home to momma – Mm-hmm

– Yeah I like big jerks, there's more to grab – Yeah, big jerks need love too – Mm, Amen – (squeals) Yo, I'd tap that! (groans) – Come on boy, you know you want it Yo he wants it

♪I like hot sauce on my chicken ♪ ♪ I pull the rubber off and I put ♪ ♪ hot sauce on his titties! ♪ – You know you? You my main jerk – Don't call me a jerk It's derogatory! – No it's a term of endearment! Baby! Baby you gotta reclaim the word Jerk

I said, I didn't say anything Your videos aren't even funny Yo! Suck my Yo, it's just for fun! I don't mean to generalize I guess it's more locker room talk than guy talk Respect women is the ultimate message here You like this video, give it a thumbs up! Last video, right over there Second vlog channel check it out and make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday

One love, Superwoman! That is a wrap and soop!

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