If Fortnite Was a Dating App

– Let's do this ( light rock music ) I've got 20 seconds to get to my date

BigPimpin437? – Yup You must be SweetCaramel19, what's your stats? – Well I've killed 72 people, my favorite weapon is the rocket launcher and one day I hope to start a family – Uhh – Are you serious right now? Okay, so there's a bush, going in the concrete floor? Inside a bunker, where there is literally no sun ( shifting steps ) Oh you gotta be kidding me 12inchPrince? – Yup, I know what I have to offer

Got 200% health, a lot of wood and a sound proof ( mumbles ), we can be as loud as you want All I need now is a nice chest, like that one – Excuse me? Listen, I don't know what you think is about to happen but – No, no, no, like that one ( dramatic music ) – Oh, oh I'm so sorry, I thought – But I'll take yours too

– Huh Bye! XXNinjaBlade123? Oh god no! – What? – No, just no Dude seriously, how much did you pay for that skin? – $2999 – Uh, nah, it's a no for me Can you actually, hold this for a sec please? ( sighs ) ( blast ) WarriorBootyHole69? – Hi, I hope you don't mind

I got us a table – Oh, yeah sure! Of course This is nice – Shall we? – Oh let's – What the heck! NoobSlayer999? What's your deal? – Whoa! No deal, I'm just tired of roaming around lonely lodges

Wanna have a real conversation with an adult? ( gulps ) – No way, you're lying – I swear, I won with just a pistol and a medicine kit – Wow – SweetCaramel, playing hard to get huh? Imma open up that chest sooner or later – Who is that? – Oh, just some 40 year old who lives in his mom's basement – May I have this dance? – Kissing my daughter? I don't think so – Yo, hope you enjoyed this video

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