I Went to Seattle for 12 Hours to Watch iiSuperwomanii’s Bawse Show | Vlog

What is up, everybody? So my name is Kennedy and this is Diary of a Socially Awkward And if you're wondering why today's video is in vlog form, it's because today, or at least in the morning tomorrow, I'm going to be going to Seattle

Because I'm going to Lilly Singh's book tour show for How to be a Bawse And I have to fly to Seattle because nobody comes to Anchorage, Alaska Let's be real But yes, I've been planning to go to this show for like a month now And I'm so excited

I bought my ticket and everything, and I get a copy of the book, signed copy of the book But I love Lilly, she is my idol, she is, she, she She's my favorite celebrity ever And like a lot of you might not think of her as a celebrity, you might not even know who she is, but she is my absolute idol I fucking love her

And I just, I've always wanted to go to one of her shows And I'm so excited But honestly, uh I've been through a lot in the past 24 hours And I was feeling very down and feeling very unmotivated and feeling like I didn't deserve to go on this trip But you know what, I need this

I need some positivity in my life I need someone to tell me you know what, you're going to get through this You're going to make your dreams a reality And that's what her whole show's about It's not about surviving life, it's about conquering life

That's what I always try to do with my life, but I don't really have that voice that external voice, somebody else telling me, this is how you can motivate yourself to get things done And so I need this show, I need the book I just, I need some Lilly in my life But yeah I just, I've been having a rough time lately, and I need a change in my life And this isn't really a change in my life but I'm getting out of my city

Which is something that I need right now When I get back, it's gonna be 12 in the morning, and then I have to get up at 5 to get ready for work So I'm only gonna get 5 hours of sleep tomorrow for work But it's going to be good But yes, I've been waiting for this for like a month now

And I'm so excited, and I just, I want to support Lilly, especially with this Bawse book Because it's something that I believe in, and it's something that I really need in my life I, I keep trying to hustle and hustle and hustle But I realize that I could do more, and I could push myself more And I am slacking

And this is just the push I need to, to stop slacking I don't know if I'll try to go meet her in the meet and greet Because Lilly, she's met like a bunch of her idols Like the Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Selena Gomez, she, she always says are like the top influencers in her life And she's met both of them

And she's friends with both of them But Lilly is to me what Selena Gomez was to her before they became friends Like this idol, this unattainable person that always seemed, that still seems down to earth and like you would be best friends if you knew them But you don't know because you've never met them before And they keep pushing you and pushing you and pushing you to do better

Like, that's what she is to me When she met Selena Gomez, she said that she never wanted to meet Selena in a meet and greet She didn't want to meet Selena as a fan She wanted to meet her as an equal, as a colleague And that's what I want with Lilly because she is a YouTube creator

And I'm an aspiring YouTube creator But if my career on the platform takes off, or when I should say when I want the opportunity to meet Lilly for the first time not as her fan, but as her equal as her colleague As somebody she's working with, and has the basis to make a friendship with But I don't necessarily want the first time we meet to be while I'm just a fan

But besides just meeting Lilly which was my initiate for taking this flight out, I also just wanna walk around a different city and get to explore Seattle So it is what, like 3 o'clock Oh, I'm sorry 3:30 I was planning to get to the airport at this time anyway, but my mom comes home, waking me up screaming that I'm about to miss my flight Because apparently it was, it was almost bar close

And all of the cabs would've been taken up, so that was a fun way to wake up in the morning But I'm at the airport hungry as hell I don't think I've ever been to the airport ever when it's this empty At least not at the Anchorage Airport Frickin' Vermont

But McDonald's is open But I actually have family in Seattle which I knew Umm I don't know, there was just a part of me that didn't want to meet up with anybody, but you know what It's time that I meet up with family and actually get to know some of my family members I haven't seen them since I was like 4

So yeah Time to go see grandpop-pops What? [Music] So like I was trying to say before, I just landed So yeah, just waiting for grandpop-pops to let me know where to go because Seattle is actually much bigger than I thought it would be Oh, this is gonna be an adventure

[Music] It's okay He's just a puppet He's just a puppet He's not real He's not real

[Music] [More Music] OMG, lol You gotta say Leh you ridiculous as hell OMG, lol You gotta say leh, you ridiculous as hell [Music] [Fifth Harmony – "Work From Home"] 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, [Screaming] [Laughing] [Music and screaming] What up, everyone? It's your girl, Superwoman

Make some noise [Screaming] Hold up, hold up Seattle, Seattle Were y'all just humming Game of Thrones? [Screaming] You have instantly become my favorite [Screaming] Let me introduce myself [Laughing] Hello Hi, my name is Lilly with 3 L's And I just wrote a book called "How to be a Bawse

" [Screaming] I'm very happy to say it is an official New York Times Best Seller [Screaming] And I'm so excited to be back in Seattle, but enough about me Enough about me I wanna know about you First of all, why are y'all standing? Sit down, sit down

Okay, last question Answer in your mind Why sometimes do you trust too easily? I know what you're thinking Lilly, that booty though [Laughing] But it's true, right

There's so many things to distract you from doing work Men Okay [Laughing] True, true, true True

Men is a correct Trying to keep this family-friendly up in here, my friend

[Clears throat] Moving on Let's talk about the Lilly Singh book tour, because I know most of this vlog was just me in Seattle At the show, and I point her out in the vlog, although I only got a vlog of her back I met somebody who's real name is Jessica Jones

So keep that in mind Eh, so I tapped her on the shoulder and I told her that I really like her hair I actually put myself out there and asked Jessica if she wanted to sit with me, which I'm proud of myself for doing that cause I normally don't do that And before the show actually started, before that countdown actually started, Jessica and I started talking And I started telling her about my YouTube channel, that I'm trying to help people embrace the awkward in social situations

And then she started talking about, she's not I don't think she's specifically on YouTube, but she's still making online content where she's trying to share like how she's going through this journey of self-discovery, and how she's trying to help people learn to go through their own journey of self-discovery I'm not really explaining it very well I will link to her Twitter, and her website and stuff like that, her blog Down in the description below I'm proud of myself cause it was just a normal conversation

I don't know, I just haven't had a regular conversation with somebody, or like a semi-deep cause it was a little bit semi-deep conversation, with somebody in a very long time where the other person wasn't trying to make me feel bad And that's something that I really needed I put myself out there and it was worth it So go check her out Jessica Jones

Her at name on Twitter is @ilivebare Go check out her stuff, I'll put it all in the description All of that good stuff Go tell her I sent you That was just a really good feeling in itself

And then, also because of the show, because I went to Seattle to go see Lilly, I got to hang out with my grandfather who I haven't seen since I was five I haven't seen him in such a long time, and I got to hang out with him and his wife And they're cool people which I didn't know, because his interactions with us on Facebook aren't the best all the time But when you set politics aside, you can still have a really good relationship with somebody in your family So I got to hang out with my grandfather which was awesome

And then specifically, Lilly's show I know earlier I said specifically Lilly's show, but now I'm actually getting into the show I knew I wasn't going to be able to go to the meet and greet because I had my flight at like an hour and a half after the show ended I, like I said at the beginning of this vlog, I really wanna meet Lilly Not as a fan, but as a colleague

Umm but I did want to make an impact I did want her to know I was there And I wanted to let her know the influence she has on me and how she inspires me So after she introduced herself and as she started the show, I started writing on the back of my ticket for the show I basically said Lilly, with 3 L's of course

Umm my name's Kennedy, I'm from Anchorage, Alaska And because of you today, um me coming out here today, I was able to hang out with my grandfather who I haven't seen in over a decade I can't tell you the full impact you've had in my life in just this quick little letter, but every time I'm feeling depressed, I re-watch Unicorn Island, and it inspires me to go out and make a change in my life, instead of just feeling sorry for myself I'm an aspiring content creator on YouTube This is my channel, Diary of a Socially Awkward, where I help people learn to embrace the awkward in social situations

And, in part, I wouldn't be able to do this without you And it's true because I wouldn't be as inspired and motivated to make a career on YouTube if it weren't for Lilly being one of the people to pave the way for that And then I let her know, I'm sorry that I didn't get to stay for the meet and greet, but I would personally rather meet you as a colleague not as a fan I wrote that all on the back of my ticket for the show, and then I gave it to Jessica to give to Lilly when Jessica went to the meet and greet And then Jessica just let me know, she DM'd me letting me know she, Lilly got the message

Part of me wants Lilly to talk about it for like a sentence in her vlog so I know that I had an impact on her But regardless or not, I know that she got the letter I know that she read it I know that she knows it was from me She doesn't know what I look like or anything about me

But hopefully it made an impact on her today, like she's made an impact on me ever since I discovered her videos in like 2013 Yes, I guess it's my think to make a speech to talk for a long, long time at the beginning and the end of my vlogs I don't know, I just like doing that Yeah, so Friday's video I forgot what the subject is going to be, but it's going to be like my regular videos

Cause I don't vlog that much cause I don't do that much interesting stuff that you guys would want to see If you don't know who Lilly Singh is and you're just like, "what the fuck is she talking about?" Go check her out Um she's everywhere on YouTube Go send some love to Jessica Let her know I sent you from this video

And let me know in the comments, is there anybody that you feel about the way I feel about Lilly? Is there some famous person or some person in your life that you know that inspires you to keep yourself motivated and to keep going and doing what you wanna do Or doing what you need to do Let me know in the comments down below I'll be replying to all of the comments, so don't be shy And honestly, give this video a huge thumbs up if you liked it, if you made it this far

Because this was a really, a really good trip for me I needed this I really needed this And be sure to subscribe to my channel I don't normally do vlogs

I do videos where I help people learn to embrace the awkward in social situations So if you would like to be interested in that, subscribe to my channel Check out my already uploaded videos And stay tuned for a new video on Friday I guess that's all I have to say for now

I'm gonna go get some sleep I haven't slept since like 2 days ago Thank you so much for watching, it really means a lot And I will see all of you in the next video

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