How You Treat Your Parents VS Best Friend

– Yo, stop watching immediately and go grab your parents, and watch it with them, because they gonna like this video Welcome everyone to girl super woman

Hello kids and parents, uncle, auntie, how are you? My name is Lilly and I'm the person your child watches on the Youtube And don't worry, I don't do the shame shame, okay I only teach your children wonderful things There's nothing to deny We're just friends

What the eff? Who did that transition? Turn that off No, that, that wasn't even me No That was, that was Mindy Kaling Now kids claim their parents are full of double standards

Which they are – Huh? – But really, kids are equally as annoying, because kids also have massive double standards – Good Subscribe – Can we be real for a second? Let's be real

Everything kids complain about regarding their parents, they completely accept when it comes from their best friend Let's take a look – Oh my god Jessica, check out this abandoned warehouse I'm gonna shoot that tonight, at midnight – That's cool

– Yeah, it's gonna be sick – Huh? Oh Lilly, that sound very dangerous, okay I don't want you to go – Mom stop nagging me God

– Dumb head – Whoa, Lilly, are you really gonna post that picture without a filter? That's dangerous for your theme – Oh my god, you're right – Yeah – That was a close one

Thanks girl – You're welcome – Oh Lilly, I just follow you on Instant-gram – Oh, really? You did? Huh Hey Jessica, are you not following me on Instagram? – I am

Wait Am I not? That's so weird – Yeah – There (sad music) – What the bloody, eh I see you post this picture two minute ago

Working out in my Calvins – Mm-Hmm – Who the bloody hell is Calvin? – Mom, can't you see I'm busy? – Oy, do you want to get slapped in your Calvin? – Mom, I have so much work to do – Uh-Huh (laughing) How bout paying rent in your Calvin? – Leave me alone

You're gonna make me fail (phone ringing) Hey, what's up? – Hey, Lil – Hey, I'm a bit busy I have a massive project due tomorrow I haven't even started

– Oh Well, I just fought with Derek (papers falling) – Tell me everything – Yeah, he's like he doesn't like that my hair and eyebrows don't match – Uh huh

Thanks for the shirt mom – No problem – Lemme see if it fits Turn around – Huh? Turn around? I give you bloody birth

– Just turn around – Oy I cleaned your poo poo – Ew, can you just turn around, you perv? – Oy, you listen to me okay? I bloody push you through my body – I am not changing in front of you

– Eh – Turn around, yo, turn around Thanks for the shirt, Jess – Of course – Let me try it on, see if it fits

– Girl, your boobs are on point – Aw, thanks girl You know, my bra's just padded Feel it, it's so soft – Okay

Oh, that's nice That's nice – Right? – Honk – Right? – Oh my god, I am so jealous But you know what, my butt has grown a little bit, so, that's good

– What? Let me see girl, turn around – Okay Slap it (slapping) Ah (slapping) Ah, ah, ahhh

– You know what dad, I'm sick of you treating me like a kid, okay? – Oh Lilly, watch your attitude, okay? – Fine So annoying Okay Jess, can you stop treating me like a kid? – Wow, okay Watch your attitude – Oh my God, you're right

I'm sorry – Yeah – I feel like this one's gonna be just like the first one See? Kids are annoying You know, when you're younger, you think your parents don't know anything, and they're stupid, and your friends are everything

But trust me when I say, as you grow older, you'll realize your parents are wonderful, and you should not take them for granted, and you should make time for them (phone ringing) Hold on, one second So treat them well Yo, hope you enjoyed that video If you did though click the thumbs up

It's free, and it makes me happy Why wouldn't you wanna do that? Comment below letting me know what other videos you want to see Watch my last video, is right over there My second vlog channel, right under there Make sure you click subscribe, cause I make new videos every Monday and Thursday

And this little box right over here is for my book Pre order that ish, How to Be a Boss One love, super woman That is a wrap, and zoop

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