How to Make a Migos Song

(Subtitles by #TeamSuper) (dream team) I love the migos They've been killing it

Straight up just making hit after hit after hit 🎵My homies is bad and boujee🎵 🎵Motorsport, SKRRT Put that thing in sport mode, SKRRT SKRRT!🎵 🎵Badabadabad, StirFry🎵 And I wanna do that I'm gonna show you how to make a Migos song From beginning to end

From conception to music video in nine simple steps Step 1: Pick random words – Yo guys I need you guys to write random word on this piece of paper – For what? – Just any random word Don't worry 'bout it

Verb, adjective, noun, doesn't matter Doesn't matter Whatever you think of Doesn't matter what it is I don't wanna see, I don't wanna see it

Boom, boom, boom, thank you! Good bye – Three versus, three words Okay (giggles) "Random" – That's a good one That's a good one

"Splash, banana, drop" That's how we're gonna make our song Step 2: Establish all the rhyming words Splash splash Dash bash splash

cast cast

splash cast cast banana

canna havana standa

See look, see, "banana" and "stand up" can rhyme You can just say them effed up Okay, but, "hamma," "canna," "hanna," "stand up" Step 3: Write the lyrics

The goal here is just to combine rhyming words together in sentences It doesn't matter if they make sense, like check this out 🎵Hop on a mop, make it drip like some snot🎵 Sounds like a future instagram caption to me Step 4: Record with an average amount of energy [speaks "foreign" language] [more gibberish

] Yeeeeah, boy! The goal is, you can't sound too hyped You gotta be like, "Oh, I bearly had time to do this studio session, I penciled it in" Step 5: Repeat key words

– Drop, drop, drop, drop – Splash, splash, – Goat, goat – Tip, tip – Slip, slip – Step 6: Add sound effects using your mouth – Skirrrt! – Skirrrrt skirrrrt!! – Bleh! – Zoop! Zoop zoop!! – Zoop! Step 7: Random brand sponsorship That will flash throughout your video – It's like rap parody type of video

And we'll show it, I don't know, about eighteen times, In three minutes, something along those lines Okay cool! Cool cool – Go buy fifty paper towels – Yeah yeah, no, for sure, for sure Step 8: Dress the part

– Yo, this is sick This is exactly how the migos dress – Always All of them, Quavo, offset All of them man, They're so sick – Woah, easy easy easy! That cost me like 10 g's C'mon! *whispers* Amazon prime Step 9: Borrow a fancy car

– Dude, a lambo is like $1200 to rent For a day for a day!! "Anyone have a Lamborghini I can borrow for a 2 hour shoot?" [Guy offscreen:] Dude are you seriously doing that? – Yo, you are "non-believer!" *ding* "If you need the Lamborghini just let me know sis!!" – Are you serious??!!! – Oh my god

– [Lilly] AHHHHAHHHAHHAHAHAHAH! *vroom vroom* – Yo, I'm so nervous If I scratch this car, I literally have to sell my life – [Lilly] Ahh hahahahah – [Taylor] Lilly lean on the car – [Lilly] No, I'm scared man, I don't want to dent it – [Taylor] Lilly, lean on the car! – [Lilly] Ugh!! [speaks giberish] And there you have it, how to make a hit song, in 2019

In nine simple steps Now please enjoy my new song titled: "Drop, splash, banana" Yo! I hope you enjoyed this video Huge love to the Migos I'm actually a huge fan, I love their music

No shade! Don't come for me My last video right over there, The making of this video there, Including Kevin Edward Junior legit giving me his Lambo, Like what? 20% off merch, like this? And make sure you subscribe because I make dope videos! I think, I hope One love Lilly, that is a wrap, and zoop!

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