How To Instantly Sound Smart and Sexy | Lilly Singh

[ horse neighing] [ whoosh ] I don't understand why you're upset! I did everything I could to make you have a nice night You're just annoying and gross! Recently, it seems like nothing I do is good enough

– That was cute – I'm just not sure if I'm satisfying her anymore What if we just improve our products so we don't need to spend as much on marketing? – Absolutely not — That's a horrible idea It'll never work

It's been two weeks since anyone has taken my idea seriously Is your love life falling apart? Is your girlfriend, for sure, faking it? Do you sound like a dumb moron? Introducing ACCENTrin™ ACCENTrin™ instantly gives you an accent making you sound 80% more romantic and has been shown to improve your sex life by 2 times more Netflix and Chill resulting in less people thinking you sound like an idiot all the time – Now, it doesn't matter what I do or say She loves it Listen mate

I think you're cringe, init I reckon we should see other people – Oh, babe I love you so much – I don't even have to try anymore and she gets turned on

Hey babe! Y'know, I've ran out of fresh knickers this morning? Had to take an old pair and turn it inside out – Oh yes! – Now, everyone thinks I sound really smart even if my ideas are stupid Bruv Don't worry if the product is dangerous, mate Allow it We'll just get a celebrity endorsement

– That's a great idea! — Revolutionary – Groundbreaking – My name is Ed Sheeran and before ACCENTrin™ I was just a regular singer on the streets trying to make a name for myself My name is Ed and I'm gonna be a star But now that I have an accent everyone can relate to my music ♪ She played ♪ ♪ the fiddle in ♪ ♪ an Irish band ♪ ♪ But she fell ♪ ♪ in love with ♪ ♪ an English man ♪ ♪ Kissed her on the neck ♪ ♪ and then I took her by the hand ♪ ♪ Said, "Baby, I just want to dance" ♪ Same

– Ask your doctor if ACCENTrin™ is right for you side effects may include dehydration – May I get a glass of water please? – Sorry A what? – Wa'er

– What? – A glass of wa'er – What? – Wa'er! – Pardon? – Wa'er – Huh? – Wa- wa'eridentity issues – Christ, I can't believe we voted for Brexit! – You are a Canadian

and possibly death – Wha? So, it says here you have IT experience

– Yes – Really? Order now and we'll throw in our brand-new ACCENTrin-jeet ™ formula for free – Yes, sir – I have 10 year IT experience

– You're hired! I'll never have to hire a real brown person again Thank you very much ACCENTrin™ Thanks ACCENTrin™ Thanks ACCENTrin™ Thank you ACCENTrin™ ACCENTrin™ Because everything is better with an accent – What? – Water That was

cute [laughing] Ariel, I can see you laughing [more laughter] I'm just not sure if I'm satisfying her anymo- [laughter] I'm just not su- [laughter] Ariel, I see you laughing [Ariel] If you didn't laugh, it would be so good! Listen mate, I think you're cringe- [laughter] I think you're cringe, init [more laughter] Now, it doesn't matter what I say or do- She's already laughing off screen [can barely hold it in] Now, it doesn't matter what I do or say she loves it Listen [laughter] [Misako] Okay

Okay- Wait ♪ She played the fiddle ♪ ♪ in an Irish band ♪ ♪ But she fell in love with an Eng- ♪ You playing games, bruv! You're taking a piss, man? Thank you ACCENTrin™ – Why are you kissing Oscar's not Grammy's? Mate, do you not recognize me from that episode of Game of Thrones? You alright, mate? You like this video? Smash it with the big ol' thumbs up Check out my last video right over there some Nando's for you It's bloody hilarious My second vlog channel right there Some fish and chips for you, init, fam And make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday

And I'd love to see you there, mate Init One Love Superwoman That is a wrap and ZOOP! Bollocks, it's hot!

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