How To Instagram During Your Period

(horse hooves clomping) (giggling) – Cute – Wait, you're not gonna post that are you? I'm gross and bloated

– Don't worry, I'm posting it to Menstrigram – What's that? – It's a great new app for when we're on our periods No filters, no editing, just 100% real For five to seven days – How does it work? – I'm glad you asked

Here, I'll show you (mystical ringing) When you're suffering from period cramps and your co-worker tells you to smile more, take a picture of how you really feel and post it to Menstrigram (light music) (camera clicks) – I'll make your dad smile more (bubbles popping) – When you wanna eat 10 tacos instead of two because aunt flow is visiting? Don't be guilty, feel proud and post it to Menstrigram (camera clicks) (papers rustling) – OOTD

(bubbles popping) (papers rustling) – When a random dude tries to explain period pain to you, don't hold back, drag him on Menstrigram – [Guy] No I totally get it I got kicked in the nuts the other day (camera clicking) – When someone with a penis tells you what it's like to have a vagina (bubbles popping) – [Guys] Come on, it can't be that bad

You know, I have two balls, right You only have one vagina And I just survived kicking kicked in the balls Did you hear what I said? Earlier? About that? – When your artistic side calls Hello? Ditch the pictures of the lattes and books

Instead, post what's really in your bag On Menstrigram (camera clicking) Wanderlust – Are there any other features? – I'm glad you asked Menstrigram has a patented AR software that scans your photo and then selects a romcom based on your mood

It then streams that romcom directly to your phone You'll be emotionally crying with every image you post (sobbing) (camera clicking) (sobbing) Oh – Every second worse than the last (sobbing) – That's incredible

– And all the women who are on the same cycle as you become suggested friends – How does it know? – Simple and common sense It's in chronological order Duh – Wow

– Yeah, it's like that other app you know and love You know, the one that sounds kind of similar But without the pressure of giving a damn (giggling) – Yo, hope you enjoyed that video If you did give it a big thumbs up, share it, watch it, give me some views

I don't do trash, help me out, I have no views My last video right over there Second vlog channel right over there Make sure you subscribe because I make videos Monday and Thursday and I wanna see you here One love, superwoman, that is a wrap and zoom, skittles

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