How To Get The Most Out of Tinder

*intro music* Jesus, what are you doing? Someone insult Selena Gomez on Twitter again? Okay- No, you know I blocked all those people I'm on Tinder Wait, I think you just double-booked two guys for the same night And that third guy And a fourth guy- Girl, what are you doing? Okay, listen! This is the first time I'm trying online dating, and hopefully it's the last, and the more dates I have the more likely I am to find the right guy! So, you know, just rolling several dates into one Okay, okay, so you're ConsoliDATING I see what you did there, and I liked it Okay now, You need to get lost, I need to go clean my washroom before these guys get here I can't let them know I poop! Girl, you're right Hey Oh, Daaaayyuum ma! You look– Sorry, wait, which one are you again? Uhh I'm Damian

Right! Hi! Soo nice to meet you Yeah, have a seat inside Oh sweet, didn't even have to buy you dinner first okay, this douche bag is definitely not getting any *Looks at said douche bag* I mean, one of my resolutions was to be more generous, so

Maybe *Second guy* *Third guy* *Fourth guy* I really hope the champagne's cruelty-free I hope it's gluten-free I hope it's free

I'm saving up to pay for my DUI Gentlemen, Hi I brought you all here tonight for a chance To win my heart And by win my heart I mean date for a few months until we break up because my ex got hot again on Instagram but until then, let's get to know each other, or rather should I say, let's consoliDATE Haha

Nice word play, bro Thank you I thought of it myself Tight

So, Darrell, what do you do for a living? I'm an entrepren-our An entrepreneur entrepren-ear An entrepreneur Entre

entrepreneyeah, so you're on a business I'm on a business

Plan Got it So you have an idea, but you don't actually have a job You wanna connect on LinkedIn? No

So where do you go to school? I don't believe in the institution of "school" I mean I Prefer not to ingest government propaganda and baked history

Right no, I was just asking because you're wearing a backpack on a date I live out of my backpack I don't really believe in the idea of Housing you know, housing I prefer a little outside of the box Yeah, I think my vajayjay prefers to live inside the box I'm just going keep her in there Cool Yeah Is it cool if I use your shower? Go for it Darrell wants to connect with you on LinkedIn Let me guess you go to the gym

No, I don't go to the gym The gym is a lifestyle for me Okay, I get it Why don't you tell me something about yourself that doesn't involve Fitness like, what's your favorite food? Protein powder? What are some of your pet peeves? cheat days Forget it

Why don't you ask me a question? Do you even lift, bro? I'm really passionate about child labour, and I just I refuse My new iphone just buzzed sorry I just got out of a five person relationship, and I Argentinian calm you Valentine's Day was expensive Which is why I still need money for my two alpacas I mean as you can see on my Twitter I have some really strong views about saving the environment Hey, can I get another one of these? I just *really* like my muscles

Hey, that's not accurate! Oh Much better! I'm working on the following inventions headphones for a blind person, a car with two wheels, and a computer for a woman Wait did we even match?! what match? I found you home from Costco (whut?) I just did a post about gender equality, and if Lily chooses me, I mean, I'll let her wear anything that she wants I'll even give her an allowance Hey We haven't really had a chance to connect yet Do you mind hey? Yeah, you seem normal? What's your deal? Do you think the earth is flat or something? Well actually, I work for NASA I'm an astronaut so I _know_ it's flat It's a joke

Um, really, I'm into comedy I love cooking and I really want to be a dad one day You okay? uh huh This decision was super super Super hard to make but unfortunately I only have one toothbrush to give away tonight If you get it you get to stay But if you don't, our ship sinks here Eric will you accept this toothbrush? Lilly, I'd be honored ~Okay~ So, Eric

Tell me more about yourself What's your favorite meal to cook? How's outer space? and how many kids do you want? hmm well For starters, I'm in an open marriage Yo, thank you so much for watching this video if you liked it, Let me know give it a big thumbs up! Check out my last hilarious video right over there, second vlog channel, It's lit, check it out right there Make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday And I want you to be there One Love, Superwoman That is a wrap, and Zoop! <3

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