How To Fix Your Bad Uber Passenger Rating

(magical sounds) – Did you know that Uber drivers can rate you, too? – What do you mean? Like, my skill at being driven around? Because I excel at that – No, like, rate you based on if you're a jerk or not

Or if you smell Or if you, like, barf in their car or whatever (brooding energetic music) (retching) (intense music) (flatulates) (soulful rhythmic music) – Really? – They should tell you that Why don't they tell you that? – Check it out, I'm a perfect five Yeah, drivers are practically lining up around the block trying to drive me around

– Really? Check mine (light, playful music) – Not bad – Not bad? It's horrible A four? That's, like, only 80% What will my parents say? – What happened to the other 20%, huh? – I need to fix my rating

– I got 100% – Good girl You're going to be doctor (light, playful music) – Whew, you got this Uber with Samuel? – Oh, yes

And you must be Lilly? – Yes I am, and way to nail the pronunciation of my name God, you're good – Lilly? – Nailed it again! – Great – So, Samuel, how's your day going? How long you been driving? Are you visiting from out of town? Tell me about it – Uh, I'm good

– Care for a water? I've got still and sparkling – Oh What? No, I actually have a few back there as well – What about some mints? Huh? I got Jolly Ranchers, gum, you name it – Usually I'm the one to– – Would you like to charge your phone? What do you got? I got Android, iPhone, 6, 7, 8x, huh? – I'm fine, thanks – Hey, you know what this car ride needs? A playlist I curated just for you That's right, I call it Leo Season It's your birthday this month, right? – Wait, how did you– – Come on, Samuel

I Googled it I also sent an Edible Arrangement to your mom's address, no biggie Pass me the aux cord – Honestly, I'm fine I just wanna drive in silence

– Okay, yeah No, completely fine I totally get it You just relax Relax

(playful, lighthearted music) Let me know if there's anything I can do to make this ride more enjoyable for you – I'm still fine – How's the temperature? You wanna turn the A/C up? I don't mind Honestly, I brought a parka, so – Everything is fine – You a DJ? Got any mix tapes or beats to show me? I mean, I have connections in the industry, and since we're such good friends now– – Actually, you know what? We're here Thank you so much Have a great day

– Hey, no problem, and thank you Don't forget to rate this ride – Mm hmm (fun, lighthearted music) (phone vibrates) (fun, lighthearted music) – Weirdo! (tires peeling as car engine sounds) – Bonjour, mates You like this video? Well, I'll give you five stars to go ahead and smash that subscribe button and that thumbs up button

Ain't it bravo, right? Last video right over there is high-larious! Second vlog channel right over there, make sure you check that out And make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday And, if I'm alright there, one love Superwoman That is a wrap and chip chip cheerio!

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