How To Fix Any Bad Day

(unicorn gallops and neighs) (logo whooshes) – You'd think someone would have said something about the sweater – It's such a big company

Not one person was smart enough — – Good morning, Lilly – Morning (sighing) – Well, how are you doing this fine morning? (coffee splashing into mug) – Fine – Just fine? (laughing) Why so glum, chum? – Listen, dude, I'm not in the mood – Wow, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning

(laughing) – No No, no one woke up on the wrong side of the bed, you know why? 'Cause that doesn't make sense It's a bed, not a road (light jazz music) (whistling) – Hey, your recent video about goldfish just got de-monetized (phone ringing) (clearing throat) – What the F? How, there's only two ways and neither of them work

I'll take a small ginger tea – So, one tall ginger tea – Why did you just do that? – Do what? – Correct me? Look, you know what I meant by small, right? – It's called tall, though – No, actually, everywhere else on the planet calls it small – Okay

– Yeah, you can't just change the name of a size That's not how language works – So, it's gonna be $299 – Yeah, you know what, I'll pay by fiddledoodle

– What? – Oh, fiddledoodle? Oh, you don't know what that is? Yeah, it's the name of my card in my secret language I just invented, and now I'm judging you for not knowing it – Here you go – Hey, your recent video about rainbows just got de-monetized (sighing) (cup slams onto desk) (phone charger chimes) (phone charger chimes) (phone charger chimes) (phone charger chimes) (phone charger chimes) (phone charger chimes) – I will kill you (phone charger chimes continuously) – Hey, your new video about being a good person just got de-monetized

And age restricted (papers thudding) – (laughing) Wait, wait, did you see that photo of the sexy kangaroo? – Are you kidding me, it's my lock screen (both laughing) (door slams) (sighing) – Worst day ever (phone thudding) (screaming) (horn beeps three times) God damned! What the eff? Where the hell did you, (sighing with exasperation) the eff did you, come on, where the, Jesus Christ! What, what is this, a black hole? There's one place, one place this coulda gone What in the eff? (both laughing quietly) (door slamming) Jesus Christ

(exhaling heavily) (panting) (screaming in frustration) – (laughing) You doin' all right, pal? – Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed – No, no, shut up, okay? Shut up, okay? I am having a horrible day, and none of your little cheery little attitude little pats on the back, your Polly Pocket effin' movements are gonna help, okay? Nothing is gonna make this day better! (phone chiming) (laughing) Hey, look at this picture my friend just sent me It's a cat stuck in plastic It's a cat meme – Huh

(laughing) What a guy, a cat stuck in! (laughing) (door slamming) Oh there's a cat! (laughing) (playful music) (car horn beeping) (Lilly screaming) (Lilly screaming) (car horn beeping) (screaming) What, what? – Go – [Lilly] Remember when you broke my lip? – Yeah, uh-huh (crew laughing and clapping) (slapping counter) (door slams) – Yo, if you wanna make one of your friends happy, send them a meme, send me memes, I love memes If you liked this video and you can relate to it, give it a thumbs up My last video's right over there, second blog channel there, check it out, and make sure you subscribe, because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday

One love Superwoman, that is a wrap, and zoop! (laughing) Stupid cat

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