How To Find The Perfect Squad (ft. Victoria Justice)

(alarm buzzing) – Oh my God, yes! (squealing) Five, six, seven, eight ♫ If you wanna be my lover ♫ You gotta with my, gotta get with my ♫ Gotta get with Spirit fingers

(beatboxing) ♫ And now you know we got bad blood (vocalizing) – [Man] Go (suspenseful music) – Time – [Man] 10 seconds – Damn it, again! ♫ Let's take a look at what've done, hey ♫ 'Cause now we got bad blood, hey Too much, Lilly, too much Ludwig

– Yes – Valencia – Yes – [Lilly] Rise – No

– I mean Hudson – [Man] No – Juice cleanse, no carb diet What the F is it? – Ex Pro two – No! Again! ♫ Work, work, work, work, work ♫ Yes, tell me if you work, work, work, work, work Nope, too low, Lilly, too low

Mom! Hey, is this your first time, too? (blows raspberry) Yeah, me neither This is regular – [Lilly Voiceover] Oh my god She's wearing floral pants, I should have worn floral pants – Hey, sorry, do you know if there's like a written portion to this? I'm so bad at Scantron, so, you know, I just, I never fill the bubble all the way so

I never, you know, don't even worry about it, it's fine Thanks – [Lilly Voiceover] Woah, okay how are those her eyeballs? Come through Disney princess realness I wish I could be part of her world – Lilly Singh? – Present, I mean, me

I'm Lilly – Hi Lilly, Victoria Come on in – Nice to meet, I should come over there? I'm gonna come over there – Thanks for stopping by today! – Oh my god, are you kidding me? Thank you for seeing me! – Oh, I see that you were runner up in the Finding the Right Photo Angle for Your Friends competition last year? Nice

Oh and you were also voted Most Likely to have an Extra Hair Tie during your senior year of university! – Stop, I'm also proficient in fleek and have a working knowledge of yas – Yas? – Yas! – Yas – Yas! – Yas – Yas – Oh, it also says you have a perfect record of tagging your friends on Instagram

– Well, yeah, only if they look cute, though – That was a test, you passed Good job – Also I didn't have room on there, but I did spend a summer abroad volunteering for girls in of a shoulder to cry on, so – So do you mind telling me more about why you think you're qualified to be a member of the squad? – Yeah, of course

I throw a mean pajama party, I've never dated one of my girls' ex-boyfriends I mean, except there was this one time, except she totally said I could so it was totally fine, you know what I mean? I can practically thread my eyebrows in my sleep Except I forgot last night so don't zoom in I'm really good at texting for you while you're driving so you're not like, texting and driving But, don't worry I can text in a way where it seems like you're texting so the person you're texting doesn't know it's not you, you know what I mean? – Totally, I'm not even here right now this is my stand-in

– I can practically thread my eyebrows in my sleep – Nice work – Okay, do you happen to have your latest squad headshots? – Oh, yes I do – Oh, the classic back-to-back, nice, nice – Personal favorite of mine

– The sorority girl! Always good, yeah Crouching tiger, hidden smiles, love this – Last one – Charlie's Angels, really solid stuff here, Lilly – Thank you so much Ms

Justice – Oh, please, call me Victoria – Okay, Victoria – Tell me, what squads do you most admire and why? – Okay, yeah, well definitely Queen B I mean, sign me up for that all natural hair realness any day

Like, girl, I will paint tribal motif all over my face and get my Formation life on, you know what I'm sayin'? Definitely Fifth Harmony, I mean like, hello! ♫ You ain't gotta work, work, work, work But I would, I would work for them And I mean who doesn't like Kylie, Kendall, and Gigi? Like, let me be the melanin in that Instagram sandwich, you know what I mean? – Yeah – Oh, oh! And can we just take a moment to appreciate the holy trinity that is Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Maya Rudolph? Like, hashtag mom squad – Listen– – AJ and I am on a squad! – Listen, Lilly, I think you're great, in fact, I think you're probably a little bit over qualified for the position, but it's like they say You don't choose the squad

– The squad chooses you – And I happen to know the perfect squad for you – [Intercom] Yes, Ms Justice? – Call the board, tell them we found someone to fill the Professional Interneter seat at the table – [Intercom] Jenna Marbles said yes? – No, it's me, Lilly Singh! I'm gonna be on a squad! – Hi, I hope you enjoyed that video

Thank you so much for joining me on my channel – Thank you for having me! – You're so awesome, of course! – Thank you – If you like this video, give it a big thumbs up Comment below letting us know who else you wanna see us do a Girl Love episode with You can check out the last episode right over there

All of Victoria's links, they're gonna be in the description Should just head on down, scroll down just don't (mumbling) do all that stuff If you wanna spread more Girl Love, use the hashtag GirlLove You can follow us on our socials @spreadgirllove and yo, make sure you subscribe 'Cause I make new videos every Monday and Thursday and sometimes on spontaneous days when I have wonderful guests like this

Just saying – She's amazing – Thanks, girl! You wanna try doing my outro with me? – Yeah! – It's kinda complicated, but we're gonna try it So it goes, one love, – One love – SuperWoman

– Superwoman – Yes, girl, yes! – That is a wrap – That is a wrap – And (squeals) – And (squeals) – Oh my god, I wanna sit with you Sitting goals! – Too close

(laughing) – This is the best day ever!

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