How to Deal with Brown People (The Brown Bar)

– Hey Welcome to the Brown Bar

My name's Lilly How can I help you? (silly music) – I heard a coworker telling another coworker that I'm still saying her name wrong I've been working with POOR-NAMER for three years – Good on you for trying to learn It's pronounced, PUR-NAMA


– PUR-NA-MA – NANA-POO – PUR-NAMA – Oh, PUR-NAMA – Yes, there it is

– Got it POO-MAMA – No – I don't know why my girlfriend is mad at me – 99% of the time, it's not that your brown girlfriend is defective

It's that you don't know how to treat her right – Well, all I did was ask her to teach me how to speak Indian – Where are you from? – Canada – Do you speak Canadian? – No, I speak English, obviously – Obviously

– Oh, I get it Indian isn't a language, is it? – There you go What else can I help you with? – Should I ask her to teach me how to speak Hindu? – Sit down – I'd like to return some advice you sold me earlier – And what was the advice? – To accept my son's decision to pursue music

– The reason for return? – What will people say? – That's our 10th one today – I got an invitation to my friend Jyothi's wedding, but I think there's a typo It says there's four different events – Oof, yeah there is a typo There are actually 14 different events

– Hi, again How may I help you this time? – Yes, I'm looking for support for finding a wife for my son Are you single? – Jay, your mom's here again! – Mom, you can't keep doing this – I'm depressed and I told my parents I need to see a therapist, but they just said I need to drink more water – You're gonna need to be more assertive, all right

Here, let's role play a little bit, all right Lilly, come here for a second I'll be your dad and you be this kid's mother, okay? – Sure, what's your name? – Ajay – Ajay, go to your room! Got it, cool – Okay, tell us you need to talk

– Mom, Dad, I need to talk about – Ajay, shut up, we're busy! – Okay, I'll just – No, Ajay, assert yourself – Come on, get in there Ajay – No, I need to talk now

I need you to listen – No, I need you to bloody listen, okay Why the bloody hell you wearing shoes in the house, huh? – Your mother is asking you a question – I just – Hey, shut up! – But

– Oh, that's enough! – I just – No more words! – Look, I need help I even found doctors in our area – All right – You need help from the rapists? – Oh my God, my son hanging out with the rapists

– I need a therapist – For what? You have a home, a house, a place, a place to rest your head You have an iPhone, a Nintendo, a refrigerator with food in it, eggs, bread, cheese, mutton, butter, ghee, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, I Can't Believe Epstein Killed Himself This is everything, why you sad? – Too much Internet, that's why – I'm going to get therapy

– Well done – Good luck – Yeah, and but bro, also by the way, you do need more water Your lips are chapped AF – My girlfriend said we had to break up because her parents would never accept me

I'm from Florida and she's from Agrabah – She did not say Agrabah – No, that's what she said – I can assure you, she did not say Agrabah – I'm pretty sure she did

– I'm pretty sure she didn't, 'cause that's not a real place – You know, maybe it's Saudi Arabia? – How long have you been dating? – Five years – And you don't know what country she's from – Oh no, I do It's somewhere in Dubai, or Ababwa

Ali Babwa? – Why don't you take a complimentary map? – So I'm DJ'ing this brown wedding I wanna make sure to please the crowd – Dope, what's on your playlist? – Well, I was thinking of starting with Jay-Z featuring Punjabi MC, Beware of the Boys – Don't – My best friend Miriam is 32 and she still has a curfew of 10 pm

– What? – I know – How did she get 10 pm? I'm still not allowed to work the night shift Give me this auntie's name, please What is this auntie's name? – He's very motivational – Mom, stop it! – I really need some career advice from a successful Indian woman

– Well, you're in luck Mindy Kaling's shift starts in an hour Have a seat – 10 billion views – God, Mom, just stop it

– I want to learn how to do Internet, 'cause I want to talk to my grandkids – Okay, great We'll sign you up for our OK Boomerangs class What's your email? – N-E-I-L-P-A-T-E-L A-T-H-O-T-M-A-L-E D-O-T-C-A-L-M, M like Mary – Um, do you still have a typewriter? – I would love to introduce you to my son

He's very motivational – Jay, it's your mom again! – Welcome to the Brown Bar – I'll take a lemon soda – Not that kind of bar – Excuse me

Didn't this use to be a Bed, Bath, and Beyond? – Yeah, but now it's the Brown Bar – Okay, because you're causing a disturbance – Oh, I'm just part time – Okay, I'm reporting this – My manager isn't here

– Hello? Yes, I'd like to report some suspicious behavior – Thank you so much for watching this video Shout-out to every single person that was in it The links are in the description Collabs of Christmas

Yo, don't expect too many more I don't got no time, but the last collab is right over there My second vlog channel's right over there, and subscribe because we're making videos out here, son! One love Lilly, that is a wrap and zoop!

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