How to be #Goals (ft. Prank vs Prank)

(jingling bells) – Goals! Goals! (groans) Why isn't this me? Oh my god you're so adorable! Ugh, such goals – Lily, you watching soccer? What's the score? – What? No, just stalking cute couples on the internet

And feeling bad for myself – Oi, what's happening here? – Lilly watching hockey – What, no, I'm not watching sports obviously I have so much work to do I'm googling pictures of celebrity couples

– Why? – Because they're cute And hot And romantic And they're in love And they're goals

– Oh okay, you mean like your mom and me right? (laughs) – Oh you're serious? Oh god, no – Huh? We best a couple, okay? You see our vegetable garden outside, huh? – What? You hate each other! – Hate? No, no, no hate, we love each other I love him – That's right, okay? We so good we make other couple look bad, just like other couple should come to us for advice, we should be bloody counselor – Okay, I dare you to try

– You dare me? – I dare you – You daring me? – Yes – Me? – Correct – Okay, okay Parajib

I want you searching entire internet okay? You bring me couple fighting the most Bring them to us (grunts) – Yeah okay good luck with that (whistles) (snaps) – Okay Majid, I Google these people okay? I put most dysfunctional couple, they come up – Okay, we have to prove Lily wrong

– That's right, (shushes) she's coming Hi! Please come in, hello, hello How are you? – You going to pay cash or check? – Wait shut up, we have to help them first – Right okay, sorry, right, okay We only take a certified check

(shushes) – My name Parajib, relationship expert That's right, short RE, like a rere, but half you know? Better have my money! – Only certified check I mean, my name Majid, world record holder for best husband in all of Canada

– Okay tell us, what is problem? (shouting over each other) – And then you said you're pregnant? – No! – That blew my mind! – I was almost pregnant! I mean I wasn't pregnant, but you're just, you don't listen! You don't listen You're not listening! – You shot me with a paint ball gun– – I didn't not! – [Guy] Two feet away – [Girl] That was an accident! – How is that an accident? You can't accidentally shoot somebody with a paintball gun, that's insane – You see? He does not listen – You don't even make a choice of where to eat! – I gotta clean the toilet

– Yeah you gotta clean the toilet! You're dirty and you pee all over it! You're peeing, and it's nasty, and it's on the floor You need to wipe it off, and you tried to throw the cat out the window, that's my baby – Wait, wait (shushes) One by one – She tried to convince me she was pregnant for an entire month

– Well he's always putting bugs on me – Huh? You did what? – That bloody crazy – Yeah I didn't even want to do the condom challenge, and he made me do it – The what challenge? – Condom challenge – This how kids doing it these days? No condom challenge until marriage okay

– What the bloody hell you talking about? – We prank each other – All the time – And it's like ruining our relationship – Hm, okay, okay So you going to pay cash? – You both play fool, huh? Telling lies, huh, trick or treating each other, huh? – Oh I see, they make fun of each other

– Okay wait wait, if this ruin your relationship, why don't you prank each other in opposite way? – What do you mean? – Ah yes, what do you mean (hums) – Next time Jesse pranking you, you go to prank him back by pretending you're mad, no no no, you're going to pretend that you love him – Yes, yes, good that's right And when Gina nag you, you prank her and you pretend that we're very happy, huh? – When you mad you lie to each other, you say you love each other, (smooching) While inside, maybe you kill each other That's okay, you know why? Only thing matters, what other people think and see

That's right, a happy home is one that looks happy Okay, come, let's try – You always leave your shoes everywhere – Why do you care? I mean, I mean– – Sorry baby – I'm sorry baby

– I just forget to pick up my shoes – I just forget to pick up my shoes – 'Cause I see your pretty face – 'Cause I see your pretty face – Now come look at me, okay, I know what you're thinking in your brain okay? You want to pick up your shoe because you want to pick them up and run away from this devil monster lady that I live with but that's okay

(high-fives) – But to be fair baby, you do take very long to get ready Very long – Well one of us has to look good in this relationship (slap) I mean – Sorry baby

– Sorry baby – I'll spend less time getting ready – I'll spend less time getting ready – And more time hugging you – And more time hugging you

– Okay now come here, that's okay now in your brain you ought to say why it takes so bloody long getting ready, because I'm not doing make-up okay, I'm googling pictures of Ryan Gosling, right, you know what I'm talking about? – Yeah – Stupid idiot (claps) – And there you go, okay? This is what relationship is all about – Oh my god, this is the best – Dude thank you so much, this might actually help us

– I'm so excited babe – Yes, so you pay in cash or check? – We only take a certified check – You guys are goals – Yes you are, you two You two little love birds

– Okay, no problem, thank you – Alright thank you so much – Bye – See you later – Okay, good bye

Thank you very much, good bye – Okay, okay They're totally screwed, huh? – I give it one week Okay, I'm tired I go to sleep Parajib, before you sleep, make me lunch for tomorrow? I have long day, okay

– Okay, good night darling – Love you boo boo – Love you, bye bye You bloody useless man, I'm going to put expired yogurt or bread in your lunch, when you get sick I'm not going to help you No, you going to be throwing up, I'm going to go get a manicure, so when I come home, slap your ugly stupid face, my nail going to be looking very nice you dumb stupid man! Yo, hope you like that video, thanks so much to Jesse and Gina for being in my video

If you don't know who they are, what are you doing? What are you doing? You need to go check them out, the link is in the description We also did a dope challenge on their channel So make sure you check it out, you guys have fun? – [Both] Yes we did, thank you so much – This is like a dream come true for me, so like oh my god I love it If you like this video give it a big thumbs up, make sure you come and vote, you can check out my last video there, you can check on my vlogs right there

And yo, make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday, I wanted you to be there One love, superwoman, that is a wrap, and zoop! I think you guys nailed it Peace on the streets, son!

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