HOW TO BE A BAWSE | Book by Lilly Singh

You can do it! Come on! let me be strong! you know! It goes for you! Come on! Lilly! You're doing it! Be strong! You got it! here comes You got it! Shake it off! Do not let that discourage! Go for it! DO NOT listen to them! Keep Lilly! Just go back! GO BACK! Come on! Please do not give up! You said you'll have it for you! *sigh* It will not be a *sigh* * Background * "You should not behave " "

and it would be good if you stop to imagine yourself to be special!" "Thank you" "Thanks for being the most pathetic person, I know!" * Lilly says to himself * I can not do it anymore! My name is Lilly Singh and this is me, kidöntve! Life is totally kicked sgg

m! I was depressed, I lost my friends, there were no goals! Not my job! It had no spark There was no fight in me nothing! I honestly thought that was it and thensomething has changed! Stand up! Lilly Stand up! Come on! Lilly Come on! Stand up! * Screaming * ÁLLJFEL Lilly! STAND UP! That's right! Lilly's go for it! Come on! Continue! You got it! Stand up! So, there is! I decided that this is not over yet! I decided to find out to do! I hit back! It had just enough to "Bows" flies! * * Reporter – "7 million subscribers" "People magazine greatest

" "9 million subscribers and more than 9 billion viewing" "Forbes " – hard to understand * * * * Blurring news continues * Sharp * "Lilly is a Superwoman!" And now

I want to teach what I learned because in order to be Bows, not only túlélsz but you conquer life! -FÉLELEM- subtitles Do not just beat the obstacles assume it yourself! -KÉTSÉG- subtitles Work harder! Aim higher and higher

and follow your mistakes! F Into the protocol! -HIBA- subtitles Adapt errors success! -SIKER- subtitles Listen to your heart and Use your power! Never too late to fight for your life even if it is to be fought in the árnyékoddal OWN

since the biggest obstacle, which you will ever confront you're that's you! Wow! How to become a "BAWSE" Guides to – (survive) – life —> conquer <— Available pre-orders wwwlillysinghbookcom

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