How Single Girls Discuss Relationships (ft. Shay Mitchell)

(sighing) (crunching popcorn) – So, how's life going? – I'm good, I'm good I feel like I'm in a good place

– [Shay] Yeah – I feel like I'm exactly where I need to be in life, you know? – [Shay] Yeah – Uh huh (chewing sounds) – Ew – Totally – Why is everyone holding hands? Don't people have things to do? – Like who goes running in this heat, holding hands? – And I don't got time to run, you know why because I'm too busy running a business

– [Shay] Exactly, amen You know what it is? I don't have time for relationships – Same, I've got school – I got work – I'm barely keeping with my Snapchat (mumbles) – Yes

I'm doing me – And you should Because realistically, girl, when else are you gonna do you? – (singing) What am I doin'? – [Both] (singing) What am I doin'? – (singing) That's right, – [Both] (singing) I'm doin' me – I can do whatever I want, go wherever I want – No drama

– (snapping) That's right, single ladies Just like single ladies, just like that (sighs) I mean sometimes it does get like a little lonely, you know? – Yeah, I mean like there are those days – Yeah, you know When you just want to like talk to someone, you know? – Or just like cuddle

– Oh my god, yes Cuddle, a good cuddle Not even like real conversation, just kind of like be there, you know – Yeah, or like text – Text, you know honestly, I don't even want the commitment, I just want emojis

– Yeah I mean when was the last time you ever used a heart emoji? I can't even tell you – Oh my god, a long time The only things I'm using are martini glass, martini glass – Martini glass, poop, same, girl, same

And to be honest, I can't even finish a Chipotle rice bowl by myself I have no one to share with – No, and they're not meant for one person – They're not, they're not – Uhhh, I've been single for so long

– Same, I wanna tell you somethin' where do people meet other people? – I don't know, I don't meet any men (talking obscured by popcorn) – Siri, where do people meet men? – Where? – [Siri] I'm searching – Girl, same, same Yo, hope you liked that video, thank you so much – Thank you so much – for appearing on my channel, such an angel – We also did a video on Shay's channel

If you wanna check out, click her face, I'll also put it in the description, and make sure you subscribe Also give this video a big thumbs up Make sure you comment below Make sure you subscribe to me, because I make new videos every Monday, and Thursday One love superwoman, that is a wrap

And zoop, choop a choo Nailing it, nailing it, team Canada, what up Honestly it's like everyone else is busy getting married and I'm at home watching Pretty Little Liars (crunching popcorn) – Oh yeah, how is that show? – Na, it's alright – Oh

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