How Girls Get Ready…

Yea, uh. I’ll be there by nine ok cool ok bye mhm, girl I’m wearing jeans jeans for sure, it’s so cold outside really dress for sure? uug! ow! ♪and iiiiiiiiiiiiii(???)♪ ow! urg! ♪I’ma a duty in a vile baby♪ ♪gotta love me the right way♪ ♪(not English song)♪ yo I’ma be late yea my car’s not starting yea ♪(song I can’t understand the words to)♪ welcome everyone My name is Tweety and I am here to teach you how to twerk ♪(more song I can’t understand)♪ ♪(more songs)♪ (gasp) (shriek) No, girl I am wearing flats ain’t nobody got time for heals tonight wait what for sure? ug! Oh my god sorry I’m late honestly there was so much traffic on the highway I hate you

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