How Girls Fight

*phone ringing* Yo? She did what?! Honestly, she is so drama! Well, whatever I just changed my profile picture to me and her boyfriend

Did you see her profile picture? You know what? Whatever Like So cute xoxo Smiley face

Comment Omg Did you see her comment? She is so mad Like comment No

Babe? BaBabe? BaBabe? No You are not allowed to talk to her anymore Yo? Does your boyfriend have instagram? Like

Like Like Share it to via Facebook wall? Hell yes "If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best" Status

Whatever "I love the way you lie" Post status "I hate two faced people I never know which side to slap first

" Post "People need to grow up and stop putting their business on Facebook" Post status Like " Omg

So true" Comment (Together) Um, what? Girl, I'm gonna tweet something Get ready to re-tweet it Show me

Show me Show me exactly what she said Okay Obviously, I'm gonna print screen it Yeah, Hold on

I'm downloading four-square right now Okay, she just checked into the same place as him She never checks in Okay, omg There she is

Honestly, this is not gonna be pretty Girl, here she comes She better watch out Hey Hey girl

How are you? I'm good How are you? I'm great Listen, we're good right? Yeah, totally Why? I don't know I saw some statuses and I was like "Err

" Omg, no! Those weren't for you "Err

" Yeah

"Err" Awkwaaaard I was like "ErrrShemurr" Are you sure? Omg, totally Girl, I would never do that

Okay, thank God Girl, you know I would just tell you I wouldn't do something stupid like that Okay, cool Honestly, that's what I thought

You cute I'll see you later girl Take care Omg She is so fake

"Some people need to take a hint" Tweet Song lyrics about trust Google Quotes about karma

Google (Together) And I was like, "Excuse me?" I just don't get it She tagged everyone except me Good morning class Today I did my assignment on FAKE

FRIENDS Okay, I'm gonna say that but then what are you gonna say? Okay, but make sure your number shows up private Omg, no You have to make it a public event and then not invite her Honestly, everyone knows she's a home wrecker

It's not just me Everyone hates her (Together) Okay Honestly, I cannot stand her Okay

Wait Wait Wait Hold on Hold on

Hold on What are you two even fighting about? Um? *crickets chirping* Honestly, whatever Yeah Girls Wassup? Hope you enjoyed that video

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And I hope you have and beautiful morning, night, day wherever you are in the world I love you so much One love Superwoman That is a wrap and zoop

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