Horrible Bosses We’ve All Had

– Employment is fun! (hooves clopping) (horse neighing) What up everyone, it's your girl Superwoman and right off the bat before I even get into this video, yeah I know, a plug upfront? My Girl Love bracelets and necklaces are on sale right now until October 11th and all proceeds go towards helping girls in Kenya, Ecuador, and India go to school And you know we got international shipping

Girllovecom, that's where you gotta go Trying to reach this goal Go now, buy one now Okay, I'm done, I'm done, I'm sorry, geez

Are you rushing me while I am trying to do charity work? Weird Weird, just like the following types of bosses You see what I did there? That was a transition, that was a transition Crap, now I need another one Another one! DJ Khaled, we the best unlike the following types of bosses

Number one, the Kook-Aid Boss Maybe you like your job, maybe you don't Maybe it's aiight, but either way it doesn't matter because your boss loves the job They really, really believe in the company and the important work they do, such as sell electronics Alrighty team, it's important to remember why we're all here

To save the world from mediocre electronics Here at Good Buy, we know that customer, they deserve those amazing headphones, they deserve that TV that'll be outdated in a year Cables? We got it Warranty? We got it Will we replace your broken camera that's on warranty? Absolutely not, but you're darn tootin' we'll help you buy a new one

They deserve all the gum, the beef jerky, and the candy we got at the checkout counter In fact, you know what? They don't just deserve it, it's their right I'm here to help you help them secure their rights by buying our products, 'cause here at Good Buy, we know it's all about the customer and changing their lives Like, damn, okay I thought I was the UNICEF Global Goodwill Ambassador but it's clearly you Number two, the robot boss

You ever dated someone who was so emotionally unavailable? Yes, said all of your exes Shut up, zoom diddly, you know you have the same exes as me Well it ain't just exes that are robotic, it can be bosses too Hey, hi sir, excuse me I just wanted to follow up on the email I sent you

I was hoping, if possible, I could get Friday off (playful music) Because my sister is having a baby From her body (playful music) Okay, I feel like you should be responding to me with words Do you have any personal days left? Well no, that's why I wanted to talk

Then you can't take Friday off See the thing is, my sister is scheduled to have a human come out of her body, so But you don't have anymore vacation days No Then you can't take Friday off

I feel like maybe you're not hearing me No, I am You said you don't have anymore vacation days and I said you can't take Friday off Is that what happened? Yes Okay, good chat, thank you

Oh, I'm sorry, I thought this was a place of employment, not the movie set for I, Robot Really? Try again Look, okay, my old worn out shoe has more sole than that boss Ouch, God, that was really bad Okay, okay, this boss is such a robot, that it went on Maury and found out that WALL-E was his son

(Lilly laughing) Really, you should stop making videos (mumbling) Please subscribe Number three, the BFF Boss Now this boss wants to know everything about you, because they're not just your boss, they're your friend This boss is so annoying, and is 100% me

Hello, how are you my friend? How's your knee? Is it doing better? What'd you do this weekend? Oh, hi, thanks for asking It's a lot better, and nothing, I just hung out with some friends Oh, and you didn't invite me? Okay, no worries, next time Listen, I'm not just your boss, I'm your friend okay? We should hang out some time, have a girls' night Yeah, okay sure, of course

I just didn't know if that was appropriate Come on, I'm fun, I'm easy What's your favorite drink? I don't drink Stop, what is it? Vodka? Tequila? Are you a tequila girl? What is it? It's vodka, vodka Sprite Vodka and Sprite, so good

I could use one of those right now, you know what I mean? A little bit of Sprite left in the kitchen office I took some home on Friday You what? (telephones ringing) What, don't judge me If I'm paying people, they 100% need to pretend like they're my friend, okay? It's part of the job description Number four, the Boss Who Can't

Now this is the boss who's not suited to be a boss at all, but they've been placed into this position and they are having a literal meltdown Oh, you've got to be kidding me I forgot my clipboard at home Great way to start the day, Phil Yo boss, somebody wants to order a burger with just half the bun

What do I say? What do you mean? They just want the bottom bun but not the top bun Some diet or something Then it's not a burger, and we only sell burgers here Aiight, so I should tell her we can't do it? Hold on! I mean, you could just not put the top on the burger but I'm not sure what the value of the burger is Let me call head office

I don't know, what about 20 cents Hold on, hello, hi Yes, it's Phil How much are our top buns worth? Hey yo, my bad, my boss is losin' his mind right now, hold on The bun, the top of the bun, I got a code blue here

Hey yo boss, she's gettin' pretty impatient (Lilly whining) Oh man Ima just say we can't do it God, why couldn't they just keep me on the fryers? Don't mess this up Phil, you need this job AKA me every Tuesday

and Monday And Thursday Wait, is today Thursday? Yo, what day is it? Did I press record? The battery is done, where are the batteries? Every single time

Guys, where are the batteries? Where do you keep them? It's flashing, I don't know Oh my God, is the mic not plugged in? Why is this happening to me? This always happens to me (Lilly groaning) (mystical chimes) Yay! I hope you enjoyed that video If you did, thumbs up and share it Tell a friend or something

Last video right over there, blog channel right there Make sure you subscribe and make sure you buy a Girl Love figure or bracelet that each is helpin' so do it Link in the description One Love Superwoman, that is a wrap, and zoom

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