Honest Valentine’s Day Cards

(unicorn gallops) (logo whooshes) (romantic music) – [Man] Okay, babe, I'll see you in a week (lips smack) ("Old Time Rock 'n' Roll" by Bob Seger) ♪ Just take those old records off the shelf ♪ (romantic music) – I love you

– Aww Thank you (mellow music) None of these cards apply to me – [Ben] Do you find that cards do not apply to you? – (sighing) If only there was a company that made realistic greetings – [Ben] Well, now there's a company that creates realistic greetings

Introducing Cut the Crap cards – I know what it takes to makes a relationship last Honesty, truth, that's why Cut the Crap Cards is committed to creating greeting cards that tell it like it is Our team of writers are relationship experts All right, guys, give me somethin' here

– What about, I'm not really sure if we're dating, so I bought you this card just in case? – Love it – What about, I need you – Seems incomplete – Because I can't finish a Chipotle bowl on my own – Boom

– I can continue to tolerate you – I really like you, but my mom doesn't – My mom really likes you, but I don't Oh, one more You're pregnant, so I'll learn to love you

Happy Valentine's Day – We understand that you're average Your relationship is average And love is pretty all right sometimes Made with 100% honesty

– Same – [Ben] Our top sellers include, "I started dating you to make my ex jealous, "and it's been great" "I love you, but I still want "to change a lot of things about you" And, "We're going to have sex tonight, right?" If you're gonna participate in this absolutely made-up commercial day to prove your love to someone, you might as well keep it real Cut the Crap cards

Because sometimes roses aren't red, but they're always too expensive (door slams) – Yo, did you enjoy that video? Give it a big thumbs up The honesty, though, you know honestly, do you wanna get your bae something good for Valentine's Day? Valentine's Day merch, lillysinghcom, what you doin'? Make sure you subscribe, because I make videos every Monday and Thursday, and I want you to be there One love Superwoman, that is a wrap, and zoop!

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