Hint Anne-Baba Zayn’in Pillowtalk Klibini İzliyor – iiSuperwomanii (Türkçe Altyazılı)

I love waking up next Yeah

I'm in your bed with you What's up guys I Superwoman I'm serious Mr seriously bay

an experienced real I do not remember the last time you took a video of that request Exit since the day my mother and my father would die for monitoring the Pillowtalk Zayn Malik Honestly, I have long been pulling such a video

Because I did not know what to check I do not know what's going on in the video Then I said to my mother and father will demolish the definitive mess Because they know everything Once I'm outside at night in high school

There were certainly aware of everything They knew I was doing a group project in the library The extension, hopefully field requests "My Parents React to Zayn Malik Pillowtalk" beenirsiniz video Hello there Nasty girl I combed my hair Is not he handsome boy? What's up Zayna How are you? You're driving me crazy (Human-inzayn) Manjeet Singh section 17 Zayna You see

this is my brother Do you see? We look like much Today we will monitor the malik Zayn's Pillowtalk video

I think it will be in the Comedy genre Behold the talking teddy bear, or will have its sequel video But this time will be padded I think it will be great Zayn could be talking in his sleep

I think it will be a video suitable for the whole family His best friend could cushion It will be about friendship Maybe they offer bed talk show I would like to be a guest

Technology at work Or how to speak cushion? Let's watch Pillowtalk Do you? Friendship you have seen here

already? What?! It was 2 seconds! What? What? Where's Teddy? Hello teddy bear! Bear! Okay, okay, maybe accidentally it has been The man takes the flame What is happening? There is a problem with the camera Lilly had a problem with the computer It was red

What the hell is this?! Where are your clothes? We Matrix What is that! What is that! What? What is happening?! What the hell is going on ?! I do not understand We have our flower girl This is not a flower Have you flowers? There are things in lilac

What's happening, or ?! The story theme where ?! Where is the turning point? Oh that's turning point Lilly is something on the computer! This person has caused the nails in the face? Nails for wood For car Do you see? Do not listen to what happens when the parents work OK

These shapes are things I did not like My head hurts My head My brain is bleeding! I did not understand the story What is happening? The "direction" of where? Bunda have no direction or who are these people? My brain is bathed I will join the army What kind of business? No talking, a lady who got us doing something stupid-like plant

Okay Who is this girl? Why does not he do something? Why is this smoky everything? There is a problem on the computer Antenna Where's that? Smoke, smoke You know what the battlefield? Damn my brain This is not a paradise

Hell, man What is this?! Now he breaks the guitar Guitar What did he huh? Are you crying? Whether oh well (Piss off: to annoy, piss) You're pissing on the neighbors? Neighbors What did you? Yes flowers expires Why is melting you know? Because nature was saddened by the video

The voiding your neighbors Look at that, you're crying crying Good You know why you're crying? you okay because you're a bad girl? Harold and Kumar movie make more sense My brother uses drugs

You assign to this garbage, okay? not recycling Because I do not want to see such a thing is done again Did you like it? I hope you guys enjoyed (Hello with a different translation of YouTube!) (I hope you like it) (I think mostly because dial from this series

) (The next video will come from Cameron Dallas) Thanks for your sweet dessert Does comment Then görüşürüüüüz 🙂

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