Hint Anne-Baba Kızlarının Instagramına Bakıyor -iiSuperwomanii (Türkçe Altyazılı)

Well gonna be great Instagram

I know I know everything 740K followers K! 1367 m photo? Who the hell do you think it is ?! You took a photo of what 1000? You seem to be the same every day! There are many followers of Your daughter huh? You should take a look! Yeah, yeah! After "Mom my head hurts, my head!" course perhaps the pain if you do not take a picture in two seconds

Top faked! Of course, the pain, you idiot Because she is my daughter, okay? Beautiful Lilly You look very nice Look to your friends! What are they doing? Do you see that red boy sitting? Good kid he is Look, I did see, did you see? Such good friends here

What it looks so beautiful His eyes make-up, everything And you? You said one time, like this one Look, I've been called a raccoon! A look at this girl looks so lovely and beautiful Very nice boy finds a job

to see how much I enjoy! What the hell is this?! if the car was hit Do you see that white-haired young man? My poor Lilly, where the rest of the skirt ?! I taught you to ride with you? Everything on the show to everyone? Look, I care about my hair once I pose legs Look! Okay okay You look beautiful

I come home I do not remember that I remember that wear red and jeans When you've changed, but I do not know After we spoke with you, no problem What is this, huh ?! What do you think you're doing? Are you at a strip club? What's going on here, huh? Are you trying to kid? Lilly! You never told me to meet Justin Bieber! I know that "Never Say Never!" After doing that No, no, I know I'm a Belieber

What's in this drink? Come here, come here Do you use alcohol? Do you drink vodka? You know what they say in the news? Cut! You know what they said in the news today? Young girls drink They're for cancer You want to be cancer? Look at me! I have nothing to do in the car Or you're trying to prove? Look at my legs

I'm wearing pants Zebra simulation What are you doing here? You sleep in the car? Where's your belt? Even more stupid you do not walk with heels! This is how a pair of pants? It's not pants! Fantastic Beautiful How much I was proud

How do you do it? I do not like ugly Look at this! I got home yesterday Twinkie "My mother took Twinkie why? I'm on a diet do not you know? I'm trying to lose weight "Then," Mom! Pants can not have

"of course Because of this! Who are you trying to be? I do not clean my room I do not do anything at home I'm an idiot

I eat every day parking ticket Hello, hello Laundries destroying my mother, but I look at my photo Here is my daughter I'm proud

This is my daughter Here is my daughter It is ba ?! Everything in the square! Hello, I'm Superwoman I pool and the middle, I'm going nude photo shoots We know that eating ice cream, okay, we know

Do not fool me! Put something on, you idiot! Do you see that? Lingerie underwear to say why, because you're seeing people put into that People would say, if you wanted to see the upper laundry Where are you? Are you in concert? Are you using drugs? Is this my daughter or miliary Cyrus? Did they teach you this in school? You pose for a picture with a child One naked girl child wearing the T-shirt You're hugging it to the child

Moreover black! I told you because I want Indian boy Okay folks, be careful, okay? Jay-Z have in front of us Hold on folks, you have Jay-z b huh? Jay-Z b! Lilly, what are you doing, huh? Everyone kisses on möpücük! either way you go free, send it! Lilly, and it would have a good end to that pornography! You met with a "Hi, how are you?" course You're high-fiving

You wound How does something like this always? Lilly, are you a lesbian? A Lilly come I will just say something here You're ugly You attract men kissing photos

You dress like men I still do not understand why you did not marry Every man "Lilly, please do not!" He must be saying No, no, get out There's a long queue waiting for you

"Lilly What will you marry me!" they say Go check it out! Go check it out! I am waiting Come here! Food slap you! I am going to say something Take this camera! Koya bath! Pulled himself naked in the shower

Then you put on the internet Such gonna do, share it You share your butt when washing BATH put the phone! Yoo! This is not you! I know My daughter does not do such things

No, I know Some clips, singers Rihanna, Riri, Riri! This Riri! I know Is this you? Well, thank you for watching Come here! Hello! Our newcomers have been in

Welcome! 🙂 Uzumaki was a break Meanwhile translation but I did not had a chance to share I hope that the next video I come from Dolan Twins I will begin immediately, and I finished 🙂 It has been a combined value of video See you later 🙂

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