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A video will be crazy! What's up guys! I Superwoman Facebook'u you want to see what you get on my video for #superthursday I asked

Many of you "Mom, Dad clip in response to Anaconda," he said I said, "Are you really going to do this to me?" I said I forced my mom and dad Nicki Minaj Anaconda in the clip to watch Sending Shirts! Whats up! It will be interesting I hope you will like it

Well Lets go Hello there Manjeet Singh, Chandigarh Sector 17 Lilly, I look for two people Today we will shoot a video we watched Nick minejan the clip minejan Mineg Nicki Minaj! Mineg Minaj Min Minach Minaj! Nicki Minaj Nicki small minejan! Nicki minejan Video name Anaconda Anaconda I love the song

I think it's very nice Children will like this video just Forests film Tiger Anaconda the forest I'm dealing with the computer Well

Hello there Okay okay They're in the woods I knew The Jungle Book! I knew! Everything I know I am! Did you see? Forestry work

Look at the monkey! He was not What are they wearing? Sports salonund Did they? So, I guess Lilly! Why is he talking like that? They're scum Mogli! I know Mogli future Forestry children Mogli How do you walk with shoes? Lilly! Why is he talking like that? She speaks very well

he speaks as if doing bad things OK Mogli Mogli Mogli! Where Mogli? Forest boy! Lilly! Lilly! He is doing a lot

I Tamaa Everyone they touch Booty can not do it! She's dead! She died! Oh my God! You show everything! This "Jungle Boy" was not Nicki! All right, all right You're at the gym? Are you in the bathroom? What are you doin '?! I do not like this! No I did not like! So beautiful

Exercise Let folks everybody do exercise Jumping Jack! Very important! Do you know what they say in the news? Children are dying because they do not do this exercise This is very bad! He wears necklaces Dress wears a necklace intentions

not wearing around his neck Over Breast wearing the necklace

Why are you crawling? Do not you walk? Oh my God! My God! Oh okay How is it able to move? How? Well

Thanks Thanks Kaplan is happening Oh my God! Tigers naked! Tigers naked! As he's moving Very

Don she is wearing shoelaces! It is not frost shoelaces! Popo wearing the shoe laces Oh my God! He has to sit Kaka has to do

It is not to shake Don does not even wear Even Don Such'll watch Why are they doing this to banana? Touching

so eating a banana! Do not eat it! do not do it! Is this crazy? Making! Snap will stick to you You want to be sticky? Why? Why? Banana eats Banana eats! Drake? Drake came Hallelujah! Drake will do good things

Drake is a good kid These Drake Drake no Drake does not do such things Nickie will say, "Nicki stop doing it! Go to your room," he

Are you married? Are you two married? Do you have children? Drake! What is happening? Drake pushed her! Push him! I do not want too! I do not want too Even not doing anything! Only "Do it Great Ass I like big butt

" "Please See my butt nation" It says so! Drake Drake do! Drake put his foot Drake put his foot OK

Please stop it Okey stop! I will not do anything like that again Comments or something Tweet or you throw "the parents should follow that You watch Anaconda

" Never again! Go to your room! Everybody went to the room! I'm going to the bathroom Yes, the incident took place I hope you have fun One love Superwoman

so me and bekle my father had something to say to you Before you go go! I've got something to tell you

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(OK, that's enough promo)

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