Halloween In The Friendzone

– Trust me, next year I'm going to start my Halloween costume in August Naw dude, I just don't have time for a Halloween costume this year

I just don't care about Halloween at all this year I'm too old for this stuff Suddenly this is so important to me! This is the most crucial costume of my life The degree to which I care about this is unfathomable We need to think of Halloween costumes immediately

– What, I thought you didn't care about Halloween? – Yeah, but then I saw Instagram okay? – And? – Its like a montage of Harley Quinn and I'm getting hit by all the FOMO – Okay, so be Harley Quinn – No, no I can't don't you understand, because if I stand next to literally any other two girls in a costume, we're gonna look like triplets We're not even going to look like Harley Quinn We're gonna look like Apu's children, from the Simpsons just like Harley, Nahasapetapetalon

Nahasape, nahasapena (mumbles) honestly, I'm not that type of Indian okay? – Okay so what are you thinking? – Oh I don't know I mean I dress up like a man so often already, I feel like my entire career is Halloween – Huh, listen I don't know what you're talking about I am real boy okay? – Wait, you're Pinocchio? You see that's a good costume – No I

– Wait, hold on, that's you? I thought he was real all along I had no idea you even did that as a job – Okay so what if we go as like a duo costume? – Like a couple? – What, no ew God no gross not a couple! – Well obviously, couples are gross ew! – Don't be ridiculous I mean just like two people wearing costumes that compliment each other huh? To Google

– To Pinterest-oogle Google, Google, obviously I'm a man Obviously, let me just log out here Ooh ooh, what about a plug and a socket huh? – Are you dumb? That's so sexual, I told you we're not going as a couple – Right right right – In fact let me make this very clear for you okay? This socket, this one right here, not available for any plugs okay? This socket is like that socket in your house when your babysitting kids okay? You know with that child protection lock on it, just like (hand slaps) jammed right in it, that's what it, no plugging

No electricity, no sparks will fly – Hot – You could literally try plugging it over and over and over again but it's not going to work okay? You know what's gonna happen is your plug is gonna break and be crooked Now you're going to have one of those broken crooked plugs and you're trying to plug it in and its just like and it can't really fit into any socket – Okay

– And every time you're just like, its never gonna work Its always like – Uh huh – In fact, you know what we should dress up as, you should be an auxiliary cable and I should be the iPhone 7 No plugging, okay? – Okay

– Got it? – Mmhmm – You're in the friend zone – Noted – Yeah, at the back of the zone – K

– Nose bleed section friend zone – Understood – K, wait oh my god, should I dress up as a savage? – Ooh this one's good, what about ketchup and mustard – No that's so obstructive, I want to be able to dance at a party you know what I mean? And plus condiments aren't hot I want to be a little hot

– Okay, then what about spicy ketchup or hot sauce – That's racist – Okay let me get this straight, you want like a sexy costume? – Yeah I just don't want to pull like a Lindsey Lohan from Mean Girls you know what I mean? I don't want to have every other girl at the party looking hot and then I walk in as Dumbledore – Okay, then be a pussycat – Ew, no, do you know how many people are going to be dressed up as Donald Trump? That's dangerous

– Mmhmm, that's true – Oh you know what we should do? We should dress up as the kids from Stranger Things Yeah, your nose bleed section friends will help with eleven – Naw man look I got a beard Okay that costume is not going to work for me

– Are you serious right now? Take a makeup wipe and wipe it off – What this isn't, I don't know what you're talking about This is realistic quality content right here – You do realize I'm your actual friend and I have an actual beard Why don't you just ask me to be in the video

– Can you be in the video? – No I'm busy – Hmm, you know what would have been the best? We're so stupid for waiting for the last minute You know those tuxedos they wear in Dumb and Dumber? The orange and the blue one That would have been the best damn costume, we're stupid – Dude, I actually still have those costumes from last year

– Shut up, really, that is so lame oh my god that sucks – What, okay what about pirates okay? – Naw, I've done that – What about nerds huh? – Okay I'm so cool no one's gonna actually believe that – What about gangsta's? – Why would I need a costume for that? – Okay maybe we should jut find out what everyone else is going as – Well Alex and Lauren are going as Toad and Toadette

– Oh that's so adorable, damn them – I know, ooh, maybe we should just print out shirts that say commitment on them I mean, what's a scarier costume than that? – (laughs) – (Laughs) – (laughs) Yeah – (Laughs) – Oh what about Khal Drogo and Khaleesi? – I don't want to spend money – Ooh, ooh, what about Itchy and Scratchy huh? (humming) – No, I don't want to wear a mask, it makes me itchy

Yeah it won't work – Why don't you dress up as a unicorn? – I'm already that – Actually yeah that's perfect, you already have so many unicorn onesies – No, no that is not creative, I literally wear those all the time – Lilly, we don't have any more time to decide

Okay, just be a unicorn God damn it, you took so long look the sun went down The continuity is ruined – I don't care (la la la) nothing you say will make me wear a unicorn onesie, I'm done – So should I order the plug and socket then? It says same day shipping

– Hmm? Let's go to this party huh? – You should have been Bolton, I could have been Theon Cause that's what you make me feel like – Wait, it's 12:01, its past midnight – It's November 1st – Its not Halloween anymore

You know what that means, jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way What up everyone its you girl superwoman I hope you enjoyed that video, if you did please give it a thumbs up I'm sorry I'm not behind my wall, my house is actually going through renovations right now I'm just totally kidding, I'm too lazy to take the tripod upstairs so I just decided to do it here I feel like kinda blows let me know! What are you being for Halloween? Because this, everything that happened is absolutely a true story, kind of maybe

So comment below, let me know, what are you for Halloween Your can check out my last video, there's my parents giving you Halloween costume ideas My second blog channel is right over there Check that out if you've never watched one of my vlogs you check that out you might like it You might hate it but you'll never know if you don't try it my friend, okay? Other than that make sure you subscribe because I make videos every Monday and Thursday

One love superwoman, that is a wrap and zoop Happy Harley Quinn, I mean Halloween! Woohoo! – Damn I be looking hella sexy, why can't I just in real life ha!

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