Giving You What You Want.

*unicorn neighing* *magical whoosh* So for my next video I'm thinking a Stranger Things parody I'm saying we literally recreate the whole world Alright? Let's build a city Eighty extras, full costumes Ooh the intro could be like a drone shot, just swoops in right here right here, on my facial expression it's just kinda like, like a moment of like, self-discovery Right it's like am I in the Upside Down, or is the Upside Down a reflection of me? Deep, high contrast colours I could shave my head, to be Eleven, you know what I m- Kyle: We need to talk Lilly Singh: Well can it wait? We're discussing our- Kyle: Yeah let's discuss money for a second Kyle: All your passion projects do horribly Lilly: What? That's not true [Kyle clears throat] Kyle: Yeah your Game of Thrones series cost five times more than we made

Lilly: Okay I was a White Walker! Kyle: We ALSO took a hit on your parent rap parodies Lilly: Okay, those weren't even that expensive Kyle: You flew to Trinidad and rented a boat Kyle: And most recently, transforming into Drake and going trick-or-treating barely hit one million views Lilly: Okay, but the COLOURS, in that video, am I right the colours

? Kyle: COLOURS DON'T FEED STOMACHS [clears throat] Kyle: We need a hit Kyle: What about a challenge video? Lilly: No Lilly: No, I'm not gonna do that

– I mean, I know you hate slime, but it could work How about a Would You Rather? – Or, Never Have I Ever? – The premise You guys aren't- there's supposed to be a story- – We can prank call somebody! – Oh I got a good one, my boyfriend does my make up – And then the blindfolded makeup challenge – How about truth or dare? – Twerking! – FINE! – You want a hit? I'll give you a hit! I'll give the people WHAT THEY WANT! First, I'll upload a video Then, no need to do a cool intro – Do you ship it? -Do you ship it? – Are we ship? – Are these chips? Are these chips good or bad? Watch me eat weird foods! EEEW EEEW E- Actually, this one's pretty good I mean, EEEW! – I still think we can do better – And then I can react to the video of me kissing D-trix! And then D-trix can react to Superwoman reacting to kissing D-trix! – You mean like this? – Yup! Quick! Over there! – Oh sorry I'm just tying my shoe – Art Department! [claps hands x2] Are you proposing? – What? – Oh my God he proposed! He's so fine! He's so mine! He's so

slime? – And cut! Let's take a break – I'm out here chasing this Adsense, But when I add it up it don't make sence When I started art was my defense against intense sadness But now no one cares about a script Just kiss somebody's lips Or feed trash to the kids and encourage them to be rebels too with a whole lot of privlage I wish good deeds could count as views I wish wise words wouldn't have to lose

But who am I to complain You can't be upset If you're playing the same game ug! Let's get this trending! Who's this? Costume change! Smash or pass? Types of people you date! Types of people at the office! Types of people you date at the office! Types of Dancers! Really? He's spinning on his head! – Try this! I still feel like we could do better! Almost there! We're almost at five million! – And now Superwoman can react to D-trix kissing Kyle! – IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? – Let's check This is way better than anything artistic! Great job! Awesome So should we rent another boat? [Bomb blast] [magical whoosh] Hello I hope you enjoyed this video If you did give it a big not a small but a big thumbs up My last video is right over there It's HILARIOUS!!! Second vlog channel is over there If you haven't checked it out yet give it a chance I make new videos every Monday and Thursdays! so make sure you subscribe ♥ne l♥ve Superw♥man! that is a wrap and z♥♥p

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