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No bras were harmed in the making of this video Sorry about the lack of music here Hello, hello! N welcome to my channel This is d over analyst welcoming you to today's video So, what is today's video? Not like you could have guessed from the titleNot at all! Obviously(nervous giggle) So, today's video is about the bra toss challenge which was started by iisuperwomanii, our very own Lilly who loves #girllove and I really really support the cause as well when girlsgenuinely seriously, genuinely

care care about each other n that is just so rare to happen, right? Just so rare to happen Nobody really gives a damn about the other girls today n it's a very sad state of affairs when you don't know if you could ever trust any girl, ok? I shouldn't be holding this, like thisanymore

So, just saying, haha This is the bra that I chose Practically doesn't go with the rest of me I know, I should've chosen something ummwhite, maybebut yeah, my aesthetics have gone really bad

I'm just struggling to do this before my roommate comes Cuz it will be quite a scene to beyup! Coming back to the point, the point, the point

This is about, take your bra, n toss it up to, give it to, in a way, figuratively speaking give it to somebody you care about Girl, that you really admire n girl that you really think is lovely n awesome you know

iisuperwomanii, our very own Lilly Singh was supporting with a bra to a woman you really, love care n admire maybe, you know Girl that you really wana support Girls that I want to support today would be like my favorite youtubers, Shreya It's not exactly about taking your bra off and n tossing it off Like, who would literally wana throw and used bra, like something that you've worn to somebody's hands, right? A bra really supports you n holds you when you really really need it Here's just giving some extremely positive wishes warm wishes, your way, girl The girls that I really like, that I'd like to toss my bra to like I don't have to hold this like a puppet show:D So, here is this, the bra in a very bad conditionI'm sorry n I'm tryina toss it So, here it goes! To Piquetures by Nomi N I'll try doing this all over again Here it goes Shreya n Piquetures by Nomi (falters and mumbles) Wow Nobody told me that it was gonna be so difficult One more time I can't do it, guys I mean You've to take my word for it that I tried Coming back to the point, the point The freakin point

Wait, what? Okhay, I can't really do it I've to speak before my roommate comes So, here it goes, they WHY The WHYthe WHY cuz Shreya is I've been following Shreya for a really long time I really adore her I like her sense of humor

You know? I really like this

No, that's not the only reason I really really appreciate the fact that she's come this long way n n I've actually seen her teenage videos as well n I'm like wow, that's the grind of a youtuber n I really really admire the fact that she's doesn't market every brand n she showed us in that video where she's turned down so many offersn I like her personality n n when she lsot all that weightthat really kind of inspired me as well n n I do look at her for so many makeup reviews n N i really didn't like it when one of the Nykaa brand managers told me Shreya's getting paid to do the Nykaa promotions, you know N I'm like she could be paid for so many other things rhat she doesn't choose to do N i really admire the fact that she actually went to study now to improve her YouTube and she's very organized n very dedicated to her work She literally maintains a diary of all the videos that are supposed to come n she ticks them off, like that is goals for me If I can actually make things happen n can actually get the videos coming for you, that would be like awesome I really like her quirky sense of humor n the only thing I don't like about her is that she has not replied to me once, Ever

Like, Even Viraf Patel replied to me, like Can you believe that? He'd replied to me on Twitter n he recently replied on Insta btw n asked to stay in touch! yo!

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