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Hey there guys, it's Misyell So this morning, I did the usual stuff I woke up, ate breakfast, I drank, I took a bath, brushed my teeth And suddenly, I got a notification that Lily Singh a

ka IISuperWomanII Just uploaded a new video on her YouTube channel So I clicked it and this video shows up For this video, I'll use it to promote the video that Lily aka IISuperWomanII, just uploaded In this video Lily wanted to promote the #GirlLove challenge So in this video Lily wanted to tell us how often people, either in school, offices, university or anywhere There are many girls who bullied other girls And that makes the other girl feel not worth it

We can see it all around us It can be at school, or if you think you can't see it around you, you can see it on TV There are a lot of serial dramas or movies that acted this scene For example, The pretty-beautiful-rich girls bully the "nerd" looking and smart people When actually they are a beauty but they choosed to look like a nerd Maybe, it's not only that that happens around us

There are a lot of things like this around you if you haven't noticed yet Like for example, There are a lot of people who are calling others fat, too skinny, poor, ugly, nerd Or maybe insult them because of something that they like it could either be like Anime or maybe KPop, KDrama Or maybe they are not fashionable enough There are a lot of things like this around us That's why Lily made that video

In order to stop all of that, we need to start within our self first In order to stop all of that, we need to start within our self first STOP INSULTING OTHER PEOPLE Every insult that you give to others, could make someone feel excluded or exiled It makes them feel unwanted and shy and in the end they can't say what they wanted to express So this time, I hope you click this video And visit Lily's YouTube channel and watch the video Because every dollar that she gets from the views of that video will be donated to Malala Fund And it could help other girls around the world to go to school and study there

Because every girls need the education and everyone need to stop insulting others Because that insult could be really fatal The bottom line is, please visit that video on Lily's channel Share on your social medias Share it to your families, your friends, to everyone Make them watch this video

Also, make them share this video And every time you post this on your social media, use #GirlLove And let us stop all this bullying to all the girls out there If you can, you should stop insulting everyone not just the girls Because every insult could give a really bad effect You might not realize it but, the effect could go on until a very long time And it could be really-really bad So that's it for today

Don't forget to visit Lily's channel Subscribe her because She's an AMAZING WOMAN, an AMAZING UNICORN, AN AMAZING WOMAN YOUTUBER And just an amazing (amazing in everything) She's such an inspiration for all of us ( Well at least for me 😀 ) So don't forget to spread the #GirlLove and that video and increase the view So we can help many more girls to go to school So that's it for today, I hope you enjoy this video Don't forget to like this video and subscribe And visit Lily's channel

(Don't really have to sub this part now do I?)

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