Girl Talk As You Grow Up

(horse galloping) (horse neighs) (loud woosh) (bubble pops) – Woof, woof! – Mew, mew! Psst, I think boys have a different pee-pee! – (shocked gasp) I think so too, because my dad stands up when he potties I think he's scared the toilet's gonna eat him

– Me, too – The toilet ate one of my cousins – I like Brian, and we decided we're gonna get married at recess – Oh, lucky! I'm in love with AJ from the Backstreet Boys – No, I'm in love with AJ from the Backstreet Boys! – Nuh-uh, I said it first! Why don't you marry Howie instead? – Howie, nobody likes Howie! (sighs loudly) – I have to tell you a secret

– What? – My mom gave me a training bra and I'm wearing it right now! – Does it hurt? – Psst, I have to tell you a secret but you can't tell anyone, okay? I got my period – What? – Period – What's that? (exasperated gasp) My Indian parents never taught me anything – This blood coming out of my Yeah And I can get pregnant now, so I have to be careful I can't hug any more boys I'm a woman

– Lucky I can't wait to get my period – Kevin told me he likes me and he wants to kiss me – Oh my god, when? – We're gonna kiss after school in the field Don't tell anyone

(gasps loudly) – So, what did your mom get for your birthday? – She let me shave my legs – Did it hurt? – No, it was, like, smooth, and I couldn't even feel the sharp parts – Yeah, I think my mom does something called waxing – Waxing, yeah, I've heard of that I don't think it hurts, though

– Yo, the guy in my science class is so fine! – (gasps) I love it when guys gel their hair – Yeah, and he has his ear pierced (moans) (soft gasp) – O-M-G – Right? – Yo, when we graduate, we should totally go on a girl's trip – Girl, yes! – Yo, Nick asked me out! Oh my god, what is the date? October 29th? I need to remember this

– Oh my god (giggles)! What are you gonna get him for your one-month anniversary? – Oh, you're right! Oh my god, I was dancing with Nick and he put his hand on my butt – (shocked gasp) Lucky! – Oh, I know, right? I was so nervous, but then Mr Gibson gave us a detention – (sighs loudly) That's awesome – I know

Tomorrow, I'm totally gonna try to take his shirt off (high pitched scream) – Oh yeah, uh, I hooked up with Jackson last night – How was it? – Good but, like, a little intense His tongue was down my throat – Ew

– I know, right, but I mean, he's got the v-zone – Oh, love the V – Jackson is pissing me off! Like, he keeps lying about the stupidest things! – Girl, I told you he's a player (exasperated sigh) – Jackson cheated on me (cries) – Listen to me

Don't you dare cry, okay? You are too good for him! Come here – We should go on a girl's trip – Totally (chews loudly) – (groans) My god! Why is everyone getting married? Like, just chill – (gasps) I know, it's like, what's the rush? Do you not have anything else to do? – I know, right (sighs)? Get a hobby

– Alex proposed! (high-pitched scream) – Girl, we still haven't had a girl's trip – (grunts) We should definitely do that – (sighs) I've been so constipated – (deep sigh) Same I don't think I'm getting enough fiber

– You know what's really good? Flaxseeds Yeah, I just started buying them in bulk off Amazon Two-day delivery, it's pretty good I keep getting these long chin hairs – Oh my god, same! What the hell? – Yeah, and I don't even notice it until someone else points it out, because I think it's a piece of hair on my face

– I'm just, like, doing me, you know? – Totally You know, I feel like this year, I really found myself – Yeah, I'm in a good place – I write in a journal – That's good

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