(hooves clopping and sparkle sound) (typing) (Eerie music) – More and more people are meeting online First dates happen through imessages

(giggling) – Oh my god, you're so funny (clink) (suspenseful percussion) (crying) I don't understand, he just disappeared! – Listen to me, listen to me We are going to find him Innocent and lonely people are getting ghosted And I'm gonna get to the bottom of it

Well when did he text you last? – Three weeks ago (thump) I thought our date went well, and now just nothing (suspenseful percussion) He left me on (bleep) read Me! (suspenseful percussion) – This is crazy Grab your flashlight

(suspenseful percussion) This is where they had dinner four weeks ago (sigh) (suspenseful percussion) How many texts do you send him? – Three – I need you to be honest with me – Ten, I sent ten – Sweeping the area with a UTT meter

– A what? – Unresponsive to Text meter Detects any unanswered texts from the other side (phone beeping) Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god – (whispering) This is insane – At this point, I don't even know what to do

A lot of unanswered text messages happened right around here (crying) Haven't seen anything like this (suspenseful music) Are we speaking to Brendon? C, H, A, D, Chad? Who's Chad? – Chad, I told you we are over "Where are you?" Sent 11 pm

"Hello?" Sent at 11:05 – Brendon, we just wanna talk – We promise we won't text you anymore – Don't try this at home – Double check mark after double check mark! – I am trying my best! – Trying your best, you said you would help me! (Lilly yelling) – [Men] Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! (all yelling) – Get the camera out of my (bleep) face! – This is my show! Off my show! Do not use that tone with me

– (sobbing) I can't take it anymore! Yeah – Brendon, if you're there, give us a sign – It's him (screams) He's a (bleep) boy – Aren't they all? Yo, what's up, I hope you enjoyed this video

If you did, give it a big thumbs up 'cause your girl out here trying to make you laugh Last video right over there, second vlog channel right there make sure you check that out and make sure you subscribe 'cause I make new videos every Monday and Thursday and I want you to be there! One love superwoman, that is a wrap, and zoop!

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