Getting Freaky On Christmas (ft. Miranda Sings)

(sleigh bells) – Hey, Dad Hey, Mom

– Oy Lilly, watch out! The Grinch here to steal Christmas – Haters, back off! – Dad, you promised you would at least try to get to know Miranda, but c'mon – How was Christmas caroling, huh? – Uh, it was good – ♫ deck the halls with boughs of holly ♫ fa la la la la, la la la la ♫ 'tis the– – Okay stop, stop, you guys can stop I'm here now, so thank you

(clears throat) ♫ Oh, holy– – Okay stop, stop please It's just me singing You sound terrible, you're ruining it Just put a light on me, please ♫ Oh, holy– Where's the light? ♫ Oh, holy night

The stars are brightly shining– You're too close, actually ♫ It is the– Thank you ♫ night of our dear– Still too close, I can smell you still – So Miranda, what did you ask to get for Christmas, huh? – Sausage – Dad, you didn't plug in the Christmas tree

– I'll do it! – No, I'll do it! – Oy, be careful, okay? You're going to get hurt – You're gonna make it stupid! – Miranda, move! – No, let me do it! Get out of here! – You're going to break it, okay? – Stop! – Give it to me right now (electricity fizzles) (light, playful music) – (as Miranda) Ow, look what you did! – Dad? – (as Dad) What the bloody hell happened to my face? – Miranda? (thud) – Mom! – (as Miranda) There's lipstick on my face, I'm so ticked off! – (as Dad) How am I supposed to do my modeling career with this beard on my face? – Okay, wait The shock must have switched your faces and voices, but is that the only thing that changed? – (as Dad) There's something happening in my pants! – Oh no – (as Miranda) Someone stole my private area! – (as Dad) Santa Claus gave me a sausage for Christmas! – (as Miranda) Miranda's holding my sausage! Stop being porn! (thud) – Okay, everyone just calm down! I'll find a solution

You know what? I'll Google it – (as Miranda) Hurry up! – (as Dad) There's hair growing on my chesticles! – Okay, switched bodies, Christmas, shock Aha, got it! Okay, according to Google, it's Christmas cancer At least you guys have the same last name – (as Miranda) I'm a magician, I like cats, and I'm ♫ Defying gravity – Oh no, it's getting worse

– (as Dad) Chandigarh, sector 17, and I am cool guy – What if you guys try hugging really hard? (light, playful music) – (as Miranda) So this is what hugging someone with a sausage feels like (thud) – Ooh, what if you try running into each other? (light, playful music) (bodies thud) – Ooh (bodies thud) – (as Dad) This remind me of my Daddy, Santa (thud) – Okay, listen, it's not working

You have to get shocked again (light, playful music) – (as Miranda) It's not working! (electricity buzzes) – (as Dad) It's bloody working for me! I am getting shocked very bad – Listen, Dad You need to get shocked for this to work – (as Miranda) Lilly, help me please! – (as Dad) Hello, please

Hello, please – Dad, I'm pregnant And I don't know who the father is I'm so sorry to be telling you this now – (as Dad) Aren't you the Lebanese? (electricity zaps) – It worked! – (as Miranda) Santa took away my sausage! – (as Dad) Thank you so much, Santa Claus! And Happy Birthday

– [Lilly] Bye, Miranda! Happy Holidays That was weird – That was very crazy, okay? What the bloody hell? (as Miranda) Are you kidding me? – Hello everybody, it is your boy Manjeet and– – ♫ Miranda – You're going to check out Haters Back Off on Netflix and also to do check out very good link in the description Check out my last collaboration right there, bloopers right there, you subscribe to my stupid daughter every Monday, Thursday, she making video, okay? One love, Superwoman, that is wrap, and zoop! – Are you speaking English? – Zoop! – Zoop? – Zoop

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