Get You A Girl That Can Do Both (ft. Gina Rodriguez)

(gently chiming bells) (people talking) (car engine revs) – Girl, why you always late? – What up Lill? My bad, big day Brought you a latte for focus

– Thank you – So development execs can only meet us today They fly out to London tomorrow to hear Emma Watts' pitch – Damn, she eloquent – True, but we bring the fun

– That's right Get you a girl that can do both – That is us – You got Brittney's present? – Come on, you only get married once – Or twice

(laughter) (hands slapping) – I'm a get me three husbands though Let's do this – Really, three? Damn (restaurant patrons talking) – Hey, I'm here for Brittany, bachelorette party – And there's a table for four, under the name Gina Rodriguez

– Good luck girl – Okay girl So sorry to keep you waiting, and thank you again for meeting with us Lilly should be here any minute LA traffic, you know how that is

– Not a problem at all Gina We were here early so you're actually right on time – I always am, ma'am (bar patrons talking loudly) – Hey – [Brittany] Oh my god

– Hi – You missed one, two, three rounds of shots, but I'm getting married (shrieks) – I know, again – Yeah – So great

Yeah, Gina's a few minutes away You know, LA traffic, how the city slow – You were sitting down that big butt without still staring at them titties though What it do boo? Be right back – Real professional

(Gina laughs softly) Sparkling rosé? – You know, I usually don't indulge in alcohol, but seeing as this is a special occasion, why not? – I'll cheers to that I'll cheers to anything; I just love drinking (laughs loudly) – Hilarious To the future of this project, and to the fearless women in film who are dying to have their voices heard – Ey, can you hear me? Cosmo, double-shot, yeah

Aright, yo I'm a take a leak Aright, BRB (trap hip-hop music) Hi – Lilly, perfect timing We were just disscusing how 52% of the population are women, and yet, 90% of the showrunners slated for 2017 are male

– Lucky for both of you, we're two fearless women ready to work – [Waiter] Cosmo for the lady – Oh, thank you Oh, I'm just a regular here, so they just bring me things Thanks, David

– So our new series shies away from stereotypes We make it a point, that the women are portrayed as strong, smart, and three-dimensional characters – That's right Doesn't 53% of the population deserve to see themselves represented respectably? – Lilly, I feel like you got it from here I'm just go powder my nose

– Yeah, okay – Oh, cocaine? I'm in – What? – Yeah, I'm in, I've got – No, I just meant the bathroom – Are you sure? – That was so kind of her – Where were we? (hip-hop music) (bar patrons talking loudly) – Yeah

(shrieks loudly) I am so sorry I'm late – Aren't you the girl from – Jane The Virgin, yes, that's me Hey, how you doing? You got a cell-phone? Can I get those digits though? What we talking, prepaid? – We ultimately plan on distributing, via subscription-based networks It's prepaid, making it a safer investment – I'm picking up what you putting down up in here boom

(laughs) – And if we get picked up, we would double down our investment – I'm just saying that our chemistry is off the charts – According to surveys, the need for such a series is off the charts (cellphone buzzes) – Oh Excuse me one second, I'll be right back

– Both in the restroom at the same time? – What's wrong with that? You got a problem? – Girl, you crazy Girl, what took you so long? – Girl, you know these spikes are extra small though (cheers loudly) – You only get married a couple times Cheers, another shot – Give us more shots

(party revelers cheering) – If you take a look at the numbers, they would actually compel you to give us a shot (shot glasses clink) – The future is female After all, when life gives you lemons, fight for equality (club music) – We would love to fully finance a pilot episode for you two (gasps loudly) – Gee golly, that's fantastic

– We will not let you down sir – Get down girl, yeah Show me what you workin with Let's go, yeah, get down – Sir

– Yes, oh, you too, yes – Equality – For sure (loud yelling) (trap hip-hop music) – The nipple, the nipple here – I know

– Brittany, get this We just landed a pilot deal, that will not only empower women, but level the playing-field in terms of diversity What, what, what – Wait, which sport? (squeals) – Nevermind girl, it's okay Congrats, you're getting married

– Again For real, I'm so glad we could make it Even with the back-and-forth, it was so worth it – Yeah, guys I'm just not sure if he's the one

(high-heel shoes tapping) (bass drum thumps) – What up everyone, it's your girl, Superwoman, and – Gina Rodriguez – That's right, okay, first of all, you should give it a thumbs up if you want Gina and I to do more collaborations I'm in love with her – Same – We're in like, I'm in love, it's a thing

Gina, you did something sick: Young Women's Honors Tell em what it is – Check it out December nineteenth on the CW You could see more below – In the description, because she understands YouTube, and that's why I appreciate her

– Below – You can also check her on Jane The virgin It's dope AF; make sure you check it out You wanna check out my last video? It's right over there – It's right here

And you wanna check out my second vlog channel? It's right over there – It's right there – Make sure you subscribe because I'm doing these sick collaborations, and other than that, I make videos every Monday and Thursday Wanna try my outro? – Sure – One Love

– One Love – Superwoman – Superwoman – That is a wrap – That is a wrap

– And zoop

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