– Hey, guys Did you notice the new grocery store that opened down the block? – You mean, like, outside? – Yes

It's expensive, but it's supposed to be healthy Their tagline is: You are what you eat And apparently it's supposed to be bomb (thud) (hissing) Oh, our Coke exploded – Alright, what'd you get? – I got cheese, chicken for the carnivores, wine, All Dressed chips for me, cereal, – This look like a normal cheese from any store

– Huh, what's so different about this wrap, huh? (crinkling) (wine pouring) – It's normal But something wrong with my eyes I can't take them off you (cymbals) – Uh, that was super cheesy and gross – I'll never find a man that treats me like that and it's not fair! – This wrap is all dough, but it still is not so bad

Your life is Where's Waldo, you can't find a man, uh – What the hell was that? – Dude, shh Don't yell at your mom, man, I don't want her to kick us out – Since when are you such a chicken? – If you were a vegetable, you would be a cute-cumber (cymbals) – These dudes want to be the Ross to my Rachel

He say he want to watch Netflix and cut cable You won't wife me, I don't like labels, Only here for the weekend, call me Abel – Mmmmm, Selena Gomez and the Weekend are so cute Oh my God, my phone's on 1% I just chipped a nail

My head hurts – Oh my God, a nail? I don't want that to happen to me, I'm scared I really want to try some beef too, but I don't want to get E coli – Dude, chill out (intense music) – You don't have to make a phone call, eh? Don't tell me what to do, son

– I lost my phone number Can I have yours? (cymbals) – Lilly, let me try some corn – Hmm, you want one or two? – All I need is one corn, one beat, one stage, one auntie front, my face on the front page – So, one corn? (crinkling) – Mmm, every time I eat corn, I can see it in my poop It's so gross

I hate corn I hate vegetables My life is so hard – Mom, what the hell is on your head? – What? – Hold up, kay? Everybody needs to stop disrespecting me, okay? I can literally sense the disrespect Kay, if it's a chit chat thing you better act nice, eh? – Oi, calm down okay? Have some cereal

(ripping) (romantic music) I'm up on that to get lucky, bae – Where did that girl even come from? It's a closed set – Wow, that girl that went in there seems really flexible What's all this? – What, what, huh, what, what, what? Just cause we're all here, what, now your questioning us? It's a free country, okay? Okay? Shh I told you not to talk to me in public

– Achoo! New grocery store opened down the street – Oh, yeah, right, I ate there yesterday Had a foot long wiener It was great (crunch) Mmm, this salsa's great

– Okay, I'm here What are you're other two wishes, huh? (cymbals) – Damn, this salsa's (salsa music) really, really good – Good, good, huh, good, just so good That means we can be bad Shh, act normal, they're on to us

(laughs) – Yeah, I really don't get what the big deal about this food is (salsa music) – Same I'm going to go spend some time on Tinder – Ooh, did you want the catfish, in case you get hungry? – Sure (salsa music) – Lick me, – [Man] Lick me? – Let lick me

– [Man] Oh yeah (laughs) Sorry (mimicking Man) Oh, yeah, I ate there yesterday – Say the line! Speak English! English! You are a steaming, hot pile of trash outside on a sunny day It's a heat wave, there's food left over

You are that trash That's the trash you are Straight Up (crinkling) – Mother f-er You only had one shot and one opportunity to cease everything you ever wanted

– I'm so full – I'm so full, I don't want to eat anything else (coughing) – You like this view? (vomiting noise) (laughing) Oh, hey there You like this video? Let me know by giving me a big thumbs up Watch more videos just like this one by clicking over there

Make sure you hit that bell, ding, to be notified when I upload Cause I make new videos every Monday and Thursday One love, Superwoman That is a wrap And zoop!

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