First World Problems Vs. Real World Solutions (ft. Bill Gates)

(horse neighs) – What up everyone? It's your girl Superwoman, and it's a casual Friday You know, woke up in New York, winged my liner, and now I'm chilling with Bill Gates

(laughs) – What a huge honor Thank you so much for being on my YouTube channel This is proof This is not PhotoShop This is a real thing happening right now

For those of you that don't know, Bill and his wife Melinda release an annual open letter, discussing, basically, how to change the planet This year's focus is on global health, touching on Women's Rights You released this letter And, obviously, it has amazing statistics in it I want to ask you though, do you actually think the world is becoming a better place, because according to people on Twitter, and everything you see on social media, sometimes it feels like the world is kind of going to hell, and we're all epic fails

I thought we could play this game I read a Tweet from someone who clearly has a problematic life and I challenge you to rebuttal that Tweet with proof that the world is actually a better place for more humans Are you up for the challenge? – Oh, you bet

– Okay, all right, okay First world problems versus real world solutions "My heated steering wheel broke again They just don't make Cadillacs like they used to Sigh

" What would you say to this person? – Well, it's bad when you don't have control over your life and things surprise you One of the big things that we've been working on, is making sure that women who want to have contraception have access There's about 300 million women using modern contraception, but about 200 million who want it, who can't get it One of our goals is to get those tools out to those women, so they have control – Do more women now have access to contraceptives? – Absolutely

We set a goal of closing that gap and now we have over 50 million who didn't have it before, have it now – So I guess you Cadillac might, you know (Bill laughs) "I accidentally bought a really nasty, gross bottle of wine "and now I have to drink it or waste 25 bucks

" What would you say to this person? – Well, it's terrible to waste money I mean, we've all got limited money We want to get the best deal – Of course – When it comes to saving lives, the best deal is vaccines

Vaccines are cheap They only cost a few dollars – Less than $25, would you say? – Oh yeah A few dollars (laughs) For every dollar we put into vaccines, the economic benefits are over $44, so quite a good buy

– So while you drink that nasty wine, think about that (laughs) "I ran out of Perrier, so I guess I have three days before I die of thirst" What would you say to this person? – Well, water's pretty important, and I hope they find some kind of water – Some Perrier to quench that thirst – Basic food is critical, because if you don't get enough your body never fully develops

So both physically and mentally, you never achieve your potential In a lot of poor countries, it's about 40% of the kids never develop Malnutrition's been coming down about 5% a year We're trying to figure out how to make it come down even faster, but today there's a 1/3 as many kids, who have this problem, as 15 years ago – There you have it, for your Perrier

"I hate going to Costco on my days off, because the free samples ruin my diet" What would you say to this person? – Well, it's great that they have access to those free samples – Right – One thing that is really stunning is what's happened with poverty We asked if people could believe that it'd been cut in half, which is the truth

(whooshing) Poverty's half today of what it was in 1990 – Wow – But only 1% knew that 99% thought hey, that's way too good That couldn't have happened

They weren't even sure it had improved at all, not to mention having less than half as a many people in poverty – I did not know that at all And I would like to also point out there's no teleprompter saying these facts They're actually just facts you know Which is very impressive

(Bill laughs) Here I am with my cue cards, reading one Tweet, because I can't memorize them "I now technically have two remotes per TV "and it annoys me "Grr" – Well, that's painful I'd say that zero is even better, because what we try to do with diseases, you know, first we get the numbers down, save as many kids as we can

But then we decide to eradicate them, and there, the magic number's not two or one, it's zero Not a single kid in the world who has the disease Right now, we're very close with polio With luck, this will be the last year any kid gets polio, and it would join smallpox as the second big disease to be completely eradicated – Wow

That is amazing So basically what you're saying to me, is that even though almost every establishment I go to charges extra for guac, the world is actually becoming a better place for more people – You bet The more people get engaged, the more progress we'll make – The goal of this exercise was to show you that optimism is actually really important

Knowing that when you are generous, and you do decide to make a change, it actually can make a difference in the world And optimism is a big part of your letter Why do you think it's so important that optimism was included this year? – Americans are generous Over 30 billion a year is given to save people who have malaria or HIV We should thank them

They should know that money is not being wasted It's really changing lives – So what you're saying is, we should keep doing our part to save the planet, because what we're doing is actually working Boom That's right

Even if you like your boyfriend's old Instagram picture, even if you gotta watch a 30 second YouTube ad, and even if Snapchat can't detect your face, and now you can't use a cute filter, the world is still becoming a better place for more humans than ever before Let's keep doing our part So you've done a lot of amazing, wonderful things, but I would be doing myself a crime if I did not ask you this Is it true that you hacked your school's scheduling system? – Yes (laughs) I was in charge of the scheduling, so I got to decide who was in which section

There were a particularly nice group of girls, not that I ever talked to them or anything, but they were there, sitting in my classroom – Knowledge can also do other things, and not just save the planet It can also improve your social life, if you choose to talk to them – I'm working on that – Team Super, if you want to learn more of these amazing facts on how you can change the planet, and the difference we're all making, you can read Bill's annual letter

Where can they find it? – Just on the web at gateslettercom – There it is So easy-peasy lemon squeeze-y Read it, learn

Learn how to change the world, because clearly we're changing it and clearly we're gonna do even better in the future – You bet – It's gonna be amazing High-five – All right

– Killing the game Thank you so much What up everyone? It's your girl Superwoman If you like this video, which you should, give it a big thumbs up You can check out my last video right over there

Second channel right over there Bill's letter is in the description And, hey, subscribe, because together we can keep changing the world One love, Superwoman That is a wrap and zoop!

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