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(slow clapping) – Good morning, Believe Nation! Today's message is: – Find happiness and over to you, Lilly Singh (rooster crowing) (slow hip hop music) ♫ I wake up every morning ♫ When Entspresso keep me going

– I was in my last year of university, just going through a really tough time I wasn't really doing anything for myself and then I discovered YouTube And I remember the first time I saw a video, I was like, "What is this thing? This magical thing on the Internet?" And so, I uploaded a video spontaneously I kept doing it simply because it made me happy It made a sad person happy

I've learned happiness is the hardest thing you will ever fight for in your life It's the only thing worth fighting for in your life Everyone's been sad, everyone's been through things, but I think it's really what you do with those feelings and you do with those dark times and the ability to change them into something beautiful – So what do you think? – This girl, Lilly Singh, I love the video because she, her word is happiness and happiness is what the world needs like to be more fun and creative just like the little kids around you I mean, if you have family with little kids or kids of your own

So, they're always joyful and they're always playful and that's the happiness we need to find within us to be more happy with ourself, embrace everything we've got and believe in ourself more than anyone in the world Simply like that Because if you don't believe in yourself, no one else will so you have to believe enough to make others believe in you So my advice to whoever is watching, write three things for which you are grateful for Just for writing it, it will make you really come alive and be happier and be with gratitude with what you already have or what you are trying to achieve in your life

– So I agree I love gratitude, I have a daily practice that I've put in for the past couple years of three things I'm grateful for every morning I brought it to my team I brought it to YouTube as well I think it's really important that a lot of times, the things that make you happy may not make sense yet

Like, you don't understand how do I turn this thing that makes me so happy into a business or a career because it may not be totally laid out, you know So for me, I love helping entrepreneurs And the first thing I did was having a seminar to help entrepreneurs and only three people showed up to my free seminar and I thought if only three people show up to a free thing, how am I ever going to make a business out of this? How is that ever going to happen? Logically, it doesn't make sense but I just love doing it so much It filled me with so much joy, helping entrepreneurs, having new entrepreneurs on the channel, I love doing it And so I have to find a way to keep going

And I eventually figured it out I eventually built a website, eventually built a YouTube channel You know, the execution of it, I figured out with time And I think, if you have something that brings you joy, that brings you happiness, you owe it to yourself to continue down that path to try to figure out how to turn it into something that can be amazing for you, even if it doesn't make total sense yet right now because that's way better than you thinking, "Okay, well I can never make that a success so I'm going to just get this job that I hate doing and stay there for the rest of my life and never be happy" I think too many people do that

I think too many people wake up and they drive to a job that they hate every day and they never get to express themselves or be creative or have that joy or freedom And so, when you find that thing, that makes you happy, find a way to keep that as a part of your life every day Build some momentum towards it every single day and if you do that, some amazing things will happen So the question of the day today is: – When you think about happiness, what three things come to your mind? – Leave it in the comments below We're going to join in the discussion

So thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed and have an amazing day We believe in you and hope you continue to believe in yourself and – Whatever you one word is! – I will see you again tomorrow morning for another – Shot! Of Entspresso – What did you do? You did three like this? – Yeah

– Like this, wow I do this Canada! Venezuela! Okay, what three or three things? (slow hip-hop music) ♫ I wake up every morning ♫ Entspresso keep me goin'

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